Universality of the Theory

Stars in galaxy - riddle of their location

Stars in galaxy it is known [18, p. 89] are distributed irregularly with the maximum approximately on the middle of radius of a galaxy (Gaussian allocation). Explanations to this fact  absent.




On Unified Тheory of Nature (The initial phase of motion of ether see) in the beginning of the converging current of a space ether (i.e. on the periphery of galaxy ) the stars will be less because the ether more rarefied in the place of the beginning of the converging of the ether current, than further in the process of seal of its current for the account of its convergence at the motion closer to the field of centre of the future galaxy. Accordingly the requirements for the formation of the mesovortexes (the stars) on the periphery of the future galaxy are not the most favorable. The velocity of current of ether progressive increases at the approach of ether jets to the centre of the future galaxy. Therefore the forward stars leave from the back more and more promptly and therefore the medial density of distribution of the periphery stars decreases. Accordingly the maximum density will form in the middle of the trajectory of ether jets from the periphery of galaxy to its central region, since the ether density here already significant, but its velocity is not maximumyet. The current seal is the insignificant, but the velocity is the maximum in the forefront of the trajectory of the jets in the connection with the transition from the radial convergence to the curling. As a result the density of stars decreases here.

Thus, the Unified Theory made it possible to unravel the mystery of the distribution of stars in the galaxy.

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