Universality of the Theory

Secret of oscillations of globe aggregations of stars

In accordance with the data of modern science [18, p. 84] the globe aggregations of
stars fluctuate concerning a galactic plane, but it is not known why.

Why globe aggregations fluctuate. On Unified Тheory  (Аggregations of stars see) the globe aggregations have begun their life in the macrosphere of the future galaxy till  the formation of the flat macrovortex – the galaxy. Therefore the globe aggregations placed in the sphere round the future flat galaxy, which ether (after the formation of the flat ethereous macrovortex) began to flow not central spherically in the field of the centre of the future galaxy, but to the macrovortex plane. Accordingly the closest to the galactic plane the globe aggregation of stars have begun the motions to the plane of the disk of the galaxy, and because of Inertia (The essence of Inertia, consequence 2 see) of the aggregation it intercrosses this plane and then is returned to the plane by the samecurrent of ether - by Gravity (Essence of Gravitation see) from the reverse side of this plane, but  slightly closer to the galaxy kern. As a result the globe aggregations of stars fluctuate concerning a galactic plane*.

* Allocation of the aggregations of stars see also 

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