Universality of the Theory

Allocation of the scattered and the globe aggregations of stars in a spiral galaxy

The up-to-date science reports that the scattered aggregations of stars are gathered in the spiral galaxy plane, but the globe ones are allocated on all sphere of the galaxy. Explanations to it are not present.

On Unified Тheory the scattered sidereal aggregations are not gathered  in the plane of a galaxy, but are formed  here. From Unified Тheory the following streams. The spiral vortex of a galaxy starts to be formed (Formation of galaxies and stars see) after the spherically-concentric motion of ether in the zone with the lowered density of ether, i.e. the motion in the spherical field of the galaxy is the older, than the spiral motion.

Therefore when in the spherically symmetric fluxion of ether the macrovortex − the spiral galaxy has started to be shaped ("Formation of galaxies and stars" see above), then on all sphere of the galaxy the density of ether has started todecrease, but in the macrovortex plane to be increased ("Formation of galaxies and stars" see above). That has reduced the intensity of the formation the sidereal aggregations in the spherical field of the galaxy and has increased – in the galactic plane. As a result in the galactic plane the young aggregations of stars, that is the scattered (Аggregations of stars see) began to be formed, and in the spherical field that the was grew old – the aggregations of stars were transmuted in the globe, which then were set into the oscillative motion (Why globe aggregations fluctuate see) by the ether current to the galactic spiral.

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