Universality of the Theory

Why structure of Universe is cellular

Now the up-to-date science is inclined to consider that the cellular structure of Universe, discovered recently, can be explained only by "World Reason» creation. The base of a birth of the concept of World Reason is that this cellular structure is the impossible to explain by the known physical laws. Such state of a science states the powerlessness of a person before Nature. This powerlessness generates rather dangerous to mankind the universal pessimism, which is a radiant of ruthless wars.


The universe cellular structure. Unified Theory of Nature erects the absolutely other, wich follows from the fact of the cellular structure of Universe. The cellular structure, at first, indicates that the possessing variety of paradoxes "Big Bang" was not. Secondly,  Universe is not created by World Reasonbut it existed always. It existed and exists how is erected in Unified Theory of Nature (Working out of the Unified Theory see). In this Theory it is revealed that the always existing, though not visible for us, maternal ether is the bottom of Universe with its galaxies and stars. The indicated ether has the variety of real physical properties. It is the continuous, it possesses the volumetric microvibration and the fluxion, it possesses the viscosity and the elasticity. It is surprising, that the real-life (unlike to World Reason, which is the virtual) Gravitation also is not by the base of formation of galaxies, stars, bodies (Essence of Gravitation  see). 

The real cause of formation of the  cellular structure of a disposition of galaxies in Universe is the following. Galaxies and stars are organised in the form of ether vortexes (Formation of galaxies and stars and Space vortex and kinds of galaxies see), which, being in an ether concentrating band, approach. The yielded process leads to formation of bands with more frequent disposition of galaxies. These bands are similar to the bafflers between the macrovolumes which are in other phase – the phase of the diffluence of ether. The meshes of "honeycombs", organised by these bafflers, unlike the bees, will be necessary unequal. It follows from that ether motion in the next fields of "honeycombs" according to the second fundamental property of  World ( see) will be not the identical*.

Apparently, the place does not remain to the virtual World Reason.


*  Gravitation and Universe see also.




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