Universality of the Theory

Unknown vices of the famous Theory of Relativity

Defects of Common Theory of Relativity. In the Theory of Relativity A. Einstein draws an analogy of the physical Space with a circle and a sphere. However  a circle and a sphere are closed on itself owing to presence in these mathematical spaces of a singular point − the centre. Making the analogy indicated by A.Einstein, it is necessary to suppose the centre in physical Space of Universe. But such centre is impossible, since the medial density of allocation of galaxies in Universe is uniform. From this it follows that all Einstein warpage of physical Space with its closure misses. 

Besides, the curved space − a spherical surface has the parametre of its boundedness − restricted container for material points (bodies). From this it follows that our material Space bent by the mathematical device − Universe has the limited amount of space material bodies. But till now it is not revealed any indications of boundedness of Universe. 

The Space-Time geometry is varied by Gravity in A.Einstein's Common Theory of Relativity. Perversity of this concept is in application the unknown of essence of concepts "Gravitation"*, secondly, in use of mathematical concepts (geometrical concept of Space) for connection (understanding) of the physical: physical Space, physical Time.

Besides, the geometry on A.Einstein is gained not Euclidean, that does not allow to construct the structure of geometry of Space-Time about Earth so, does not allow to check up justice of the solutions of A.Einstein.

Under Unified Theory of Nature the Universe Space – the Euclidean, the tridimensional (Time and Time Machine see). The co-ordinate "Time" does not exist. Unified Theory is leaned  against two (!) fundamental standings only (Universality of  Unified Theory of  Nature see). There are no the virtual objects in it. She explains any (!) appearances and processes in Nature. It, unlike A.Ejnshtejna's Theory, yields set (!) of predictions, the part from which, is checked already up in the experiences (Predictions of the Theory and Unified Theory of Nature and its experimental corroborations  see).

 *  The essence of this concept was first revealed in the Unified Theory of Nature.

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