Universality of the Theory

The curvature of Space is an error

Arthur Stanley Eddington


A.Eddington's experience. It is known A.Eddington's experience on detection of influence Gravity on the curvature of Space (fig. 32).    


Fig. 32. The plan of the experience of A.Eddington (flat section) on detection of influence Gravity on the curvative of a light ray. 1, 2 – the observable star: 1 – the standing of an observable star on I.Njuton; 2 – the standing of an observable star on A.Ejnshtejn; 3 – the bias of the image of the observable star; 4 – Sun; 5 – Earth; 6 – ether flow to Sun. 


The experience has confirmed beam curvature. It is considered that this experience confirms A.Einstein's General Theory of Relativity [4, p. 84]. However the beam curvative is not the unequivocal consequence of the curvature of Space. For example, the mirror also bends a beam, but we do not say that Space is the curve.

A.Eddington's experiment confirms also the tridimentionality of World Space (Guess of Paul Davis). On Unified Тheory of Nature the beam curvature also should be, but the cause of it is not Gravitation. According to the Unified Тheory the ether motion to Sun across the motion of a light wave from a star bias the wave to Sun. The similar example is the motion of a superficial wave across a river flow. The wave, created at one coast, is deviated by the fluxion at the motion of the wave to the opposite coast (fig. 33).



Fig. 33. The veering of the motion of a wave on the river. 1 – the direction  of a motion of a wave without fluxion; 2 – with the fluxion.


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