Universality of the Theory

Gravitation is not ubiquitous, its velocity and act on light

Ignorance of essence of Gravitation involves the subsequent fallacies which threaten to become further fatal. Especially it is essential to protection against space "visitors".

Gravitation. The up-to-date science considers Gravitation as a universal appearance of interaction of bodies, considers that Gravity has no affinity with other physical strengths. Gravitation is considered as action on bodies of gravitons - quanta of a gravitational wave. It is considered that gravitation waves - imperceptible perturbations of  Space - its "ripple". It is considered also that gravitation waves are generated by intensively moving bodies or by energy and that it - «oscillations of hollow». By that  gravitation waves possess the greater penetrating power, than a neutrino and to discover them it is impossible. How many tangle and superstitious timid respect of Gravitation!


  The jmaginary
gravitation waves" 


The given explanation of Gravitation is unsatisfactory. Here in science about the real Nature it is intolerable the virtual concepts are used: gravitons, gravitation waves. As the cause of existence of gravitation waves term the already existing bodies, which should be organised by Gravitaton, and Gravitation – by bodies! The standing - « oscillations of hollow» is inconsistent also.

Under Unified Theory of Nature Gravitation not the interaction of bodies and not action of one body on another. Gravitation inherently - much more simple appearance, than is considered. It is action on bodies the moving through them of the maternal ether, possessing viscosity (Ether properties see) and - any stretches! By that the discovered essence of Gravitation has allowed to erect its unity with other forces of Nature (Unification of fundamental forces see).

Gravitation is not ubiquitous. The up-to-date science states that Gravitation is ubiquitous.  Berkeley [19, pages 219, 220] considered that it is incorrect (Thanks, J. Berkeley!).

According to  Unified Theory of Nature ("Gravitation" see above, The cause of formation of a galaxy and a star is not Gravitation see) Gravitation is displayed only there where the filtrating ether moves through bodies to the universe places where its density is less. At vanishing of this motion Gravitation also disappears.

The velocity of propagation of Gravitation. On I.Newton the gravitational effect is spread instantaneously, on P.Laplas - with the velocity V = 15∙1012 km/s, on A.Einstein "V" does not exceed of light speed ("gravitational waves").

Under Unified Theory the gravitational effect is not spread (not instantaneously, not with light speed) – it exists, and arises together with the origin of microvortexes of ether – substance ("Gravitation" see above, What is the gravitational mass see). It is possible to agree that the instant distribution in Space on I.Newton is the mathematically identical to the existence in Space under Unified Theory. Newton has appeared more perspicacious those who considered its mechanics incomplete!!!

R.Mossbauer's experience – Gravity acts on light. R.Mossbauer's experience (Fig. 34) on detection of activity of Gravity on a light beam has erected,  that  the light wave length varied at a modification of a standing of the high-precision frequency crystalline receiver. It is considered that Gravity of Earth acts on light. It is drawn the conclusion that this experience confirms of Common Theory of Relativity.  It is considered also, Red shift in a spectrum of far stars confirms Gravity activity on light.




Fig. 34. R.Mossbauer's experience on detection of influence of Gravity on beam acceleration:

1 - the first standing of the crystalline receiver; 2 - the second standing;

Under Unified Theory of Nature these experimental effects confirm other – the motion (fluxion) of ether to Earth, i.e. C.Doppler's effect (Red shift see also).



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