Universality of the Theory

Elementary particles, do not confuse us!

It seems obvious the elementary particle is not a divisible particle without interior structure. In modern science privately it is meant that the elementary material particle is identical to the mathematical point. It breaks the search of essence of the material particles. Till now it is not erected what is the true elementary particles. For this reason the discovered elementary particles any more do not answer to a simplicity indication. For this reason the elementary particles are more and more! Already it is revealed more than 350 views of the "elementary" particles and their number prolongs to grow. 


                              These children's drawings are a shame for physics!


The careful study of the yielded  problem has shown that the existing unsatisfactory situation with the elementary particles is caused by the cause,  which is in the beginning of nuclear physics. It is caused by the hidden inexactness in the definition of concept of the  simplicity of a particle. Yes, obviously that the elementary particle should be not the  divisible really, that it should consist of one particle. However in the concept of structure it is enter not only the composing object devices, but also their shape. It means that the elementary particle has  the structure and should be not only one, but the shape of this one particle should  be stable. 

It is emerged the glaring paradoxes - elementary particles should be very small quantity , but there are a lot of them; they should be simple, but they are complicated !!!

An elementary particle — the microvortex. Under Unified Theory of Nature the true elementary particle is stable structure — the microvortex of  ether (Essence of elementary particles see). Therefore the all other, so-called, "elementary" particles (Colliding of streams of ether and "Elementary" corpuscles see) at their formation will inevitably receive a rotation from the vortex, and the same, as е and р (Neutron star see), i.e. with the charge equal qe. Not the true "еlementary" particles, i.e. not microvortexes, but their linkings, will exist a little ("Elementary" corpuscles see above) since the gyration, gained from a microvortex, breaks off them. 

It is confirmed convincingly also by the experiences on receipt of the elementary particles. So on the photo [3] it is visible, that the trajectories of particles look like an abrupt spiral, that speaks about gyration of the gained elementary material object.

Trajectories of particles 
(University of California)


If these particles, had no gyration, then in experiences there would be the direct trajectories of particles, but they are not present. True elementary particles е, р not«possess by gyration», but  the particle without gyration does notexist, since its existence is caused by gyration. It is proper only one (Formation of vortexes, Consequence 1 see) stable physical object - to a vortex. Including - to a vortex in a river, to a vortex over a field, to a tornado.

Here it is visible that one of basic substances of the true fundamental particle is ether. Its existence is justified by author of  the Unified Theory, however there are the recognised by scientific world experiments, proving that an ether is not present. These are the experiences of A.Makelson. In the following article we will view this experience. By that we will try to explain its effects from positions of Unified Theory of Nature. If the Unified Theory stumbles about this experience, then this experience will refute not only an ether, but also the Unified Theory.


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