Universality of the Theory

A.Michelson experient, the news

What proves experiment of A.Michelson? The experiment has led a science to a deduction about lack of an ethereous wind, created by bogies and, accordingly, to lack of the ether. This experiment plunged in confusion the most greatest minds.



Further A.Einstein has advanced the representation that light moves in the hollow, i.e. without an ether. It has led A.Einstein to the concept about a constancy of light speed and to the complicated enough representation about the essence of Universe (to Relative Space, to Relative Time).

 However in 2000 in Princeton laboratory the gained light speed has essentially exceeded the indicated by A.Einstein. It has supplied  A.Ejnshtejn's postulate on a light speed constancy under serious doubt.

R.Descartes, H.Gjujgens, L.Euler, O.Frenel, H.Lorents, J.Stokes, G.Gerts, M.Faradej, J. Maxwell adhered to the ethereous concept.

At this O.Frenel, H.Lorents and others considered that the ether rest concerning fixed stars, and bodies are moved free  through this ether, without carrying away it behind itself, i.e. that the ether without a friction flows round bodies.

Other supporters of ether: J. Stokes, G.Gerts considered that the motionless ether is carried along by bodies, i.e.  there is an ethereous wind.

Under Unified Theory of Nature the Space is filled by ether (The space vacuum - how it to solve? see). Proceeding from Unified Theory, the ether is the mobile and is inside and outside of a body. Light - the special undular motion, transmitted on ether, filling and pierce through Space (Electromagnetic waves see). Under Unified Theory (Secrets of the light speed see) light speed may be the nonconstant.

Thus, ether exists and it possesses the series of the real undescribed before properties. These properties are not inconsistent, but harmonic coexist. The essence of ether, erected in the Unified Theory, has allowed to uncover the variety of secrets of Nature, including, to discover the essence of Gravity and to discover the true fundamental particles. Experiment of A.Michelson in addition confirms the Unified Theory, since  the ether, featured by the Unified Theory, moves together with Earth (A planet - the clot of a shell of the star see).


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