Universality of the Theory

Solar system, rotation of the sun and planets

Universe is full of riddles, which amount  is increased. It is extremely interesting to these. At the same time, if these riddles are not opened, the mankind feels more and more helplessly and uncertainly before appearing more and more mysterious World around. The up-to-date science is very much aimed to output a person from such state. However the amount of riddles does not decrease. Among them following three riddles.

Why Sun rotates about the axis slowly? Why some companions and planetoids move almost perpendicular to the ecliptic plane [20, page 251]? Why some planets rotate every in a different  direction [20, page 240]? 

Efficiency of Unified Theory of Nature, featured in the chapter "Working out of the Unified Theory", has been shown in the previous papers in the chapter "Universality of the Theory" on 76 examples already. We will try to use this Theory once again for the solutions of these indicated three secrets. 

Solutions of the secrets of Sun and planets of Solar system.   On Unified Тheory the explosion of a star  occurs in the terminating phase of star existence. The flying away of the clots of a substance – the future planets and companions  with their gyration in the various directions occurs together with a pressure wave. The mesomotions (The mesovortex – star see) get the certain order at fluxion of ether inside a vortex. On the contrary the explosion outside creates a disorder. It follows from, that in a convergent vortex the stability in process of convergence is increases (Squeezing has generated the stability1st law of existence of Universe and The rectilinear motion is instable, the vortex motion – the stable see), accordingly in the divergent motion – decreases.

 On Unified Тheory the ratatory speed of a star and of a planet depends on the  age of a vortex and accordingly – how ether enters in it. If on the flat spiral (Spiral galaxy see), then the very prompt (fig. 38). The example – a neutron star (What is a neutron star see). If abruptly, then the gyration is slow. Examples − Sun, Earth (The secrets of planets see also).  



Fig. 38. Influence of age of a vortex of ether on the ratation rate of a star or a planet.

a - the smooth inlet of a vortex in a neutron star;

 δ – the abrupt inlet of a vortex in Sun, in Earth.




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