Universality of the Theory

Magnetic field and spin of particle

The mysterious spin interreacts with a mysterious magnetic and the same mysterious electric field. The experimental physics knows that at experiences all particles with a spin erect the spin according to a direction of given magnetic or an electric field. Therefore in a quantum mechanics there is no direction. It is considered that it speaks about guidance of World by «Higher Reason», which it is impossible to learn to a person.

The indicated pessimistic deduction is caused by white stains, existing in the physicist. So, in the physicist till now is not available an intrinsic representation about a spin. The had idea is virtual actually. Similarly and about magnetic and electrical fields. The up-to-date representations about them are the purely phenomenological. There is the inference about incognoscibility of World from here. How it is possible to learn World successfully, if abut the making it parts,  you know only their outer side?! Therefore the secret of orientation of a particle with a spin is not uncovered also.

The Unified Theory of Nature (Working out of the Unifieg Theory see) opens essence of a magnetic field, an electric field and a particle spin. Under Unified Theory (The ether longitudinal motion in a vortex see) the particle with a spin is a toroidal microvortex of ether or system of mutually catched microvortexes (The atomic nucleus structure  and Chemical bond see) By that the gyration of a microvortex or the indicated system of microvortexes in a plane is a particle spin. Accordingly the interior flow of maternal ether orthogonally plane of gyration of a vortex or system of the bind vortexes is own magnetic field of a particle. The essential cause of mysterious orientation of a particle with a spin streams from the following. It is caused by that the gyration of a microvortex or system of microvortexes is erected according to the flow of the basic ether (Earth's magnetic field see) or of the vortex ether (Еlectric field and its essence see).

Why an electron spin creates the magnetic field twice the greater? It is known that the magnetic field, created by an electron spin twice exceeds the magnetic field, which can be from gyration of the charged blob. Explanations to it are not present.

Under the Unified Theory an electron – a ring vortex – the elementary mass). Therefore its magnetic field - the mechanical travel of ether (Magnetic field of a microvortex see) is the field not a blob, but of a torus, which the moment of Inertia is more than the ball moment of Inertia twice [1, page 98].




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