Universality of the Theory

Electron and its spin

It is not known, why at the electron passage through the magnetic field  its spin is turned on two turns for the return to the initial state.

It is known that the chemical bond  is formed only at spins of the electrons having the opposite direction. However the cause of it is not known.

Why an electron spin does two turns? On Unified Тheory of Nature an electron – the  ring microvortex (the torus) having two motions of a jet: the longitudinal and the cross (What is the charge?  see). Because incompressibility (Condensed zone see) and stability of torus jets (Vortex motion – the stable see), the microvolume in one of points of a jet of ether (having bypassed the torus on a spiral) will get in the former (the initial in our viewing) phase. Such concurrence can be only at the whole mutual division of the quantity of the cross and the longitudinal turns of this microvolume.

As an electron was formed from a proton (Neutron star see) then they have the identical phase shift between the cross and the longitudinal motion. The proton has got this difference at the moment of its formation ("Neutron star" see above). The moment has set in, when the longitudinal gyration one of two jets in the future proton (Phases of formation of a proton see) was made on 180 0 from the initial point (fig. 39).                           

Fig. 39. The moment of formation of the сlosed torus - proton.

1 – the first stratum of the kern of a star; 2 – the  second stratum of the kern; 3 – the prosciding stratum; 4 – the first jet of a microvortex (of the future proton); 5 – the second jet of the microvortex; 6 – the initial point of the first jet;7 – the  second point of its tangency.


Cophasedly the same motion was made on the other side of the microvortex (fig. 39). The cross gyration in connection with a phase lag (This cross motion will be not such active see) will be less, than 180 0. And in connection with the subsequent (after the closure in a torus) concurrence of the cross phase (see in item 3.80 the third paragraph) this shift between the longitudinal and cross motion will be equal 180 0. That is the phases correspond as 1: 2. The concurrence of phases of the microvolume in the cross gyration will take place at one cross turn through 2 longitudinal turns.

At the travel of an electron with the turn in magnetic field it is occurs simultaneously two gyrations. One gyration (checked by the observer) – the gyration concerning the axis coinciding with the plane of the vortex. The second (uncontrollable), arising because of the presence the gyration of a jet of ether in the vortex – the  rotation about the axis, which is the orthogonal to the plane of the vortex (the central axis of the vortex).

Because of that in the vortex a turn of a jet about the orthogonal axis does not coincide with a turn of a jet about its longitudinal axis it is exists constantly the phase shift of these gyrations. At the difference of phases equal π/2, a electron turn in magnetic field about the axis, coinciding with the plane of the vortex on π, gives the change of a state of the electron on π/2, and at the turn on 2π the state will change on π. For the return to the initial state it is necessary to make the two turns about the axis, coinciding with the plane of the vortex, that will give one complete revolution about the longitudinal axis of jet.

A chemical bond and the opposite spins. The Unified Тheory established the nature of the chemical bond. It is determined (Chemical bond see) that two microvortexes - electrons which are on the exterior jets of the next vortexes (orbits of atoms), affluenting in two association of microvortexes (two kerns of atoms), only then will transfer from one next vortex to another, when the microvortexes (electrons) will not collide in the place of a contact of these jets. But it is possible only at return polarisation of the microvortexes in jets of the next vortexes - at return spins of electrons (fig. 16 in "Chemical bond" see above and The opposite spin, fig. 22 see).

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