Universality of the Theory

Dark matter - revealing its secrets

For a long time, thinkers have been interested in the question - is there something between the observed celestial bodies? For a long time, they came to the conclusion that there is something. They called it "something" matter and soon gave it the name "Ether". The concept of the existence of ether has existed for many centuries. However, at the end of the 19th century it was announced that there is no ether, and Cosmos is bodies and particles moving in a vacuum. A. Einstein also took this position. However, so many difficulties soon arose with the vacuum that it had to be abandoned. And how to refuse if the experiments of A.Maikelson-E.Morley were announced as evidence of the truth of the vacuum? Then the idea of vacuum was complicated and made double-digit - there is a vacuum, but it is not. They called this vacuum, which is not a vacuum, a physical vacuum. In physics, it has become very difficult.

It became much harder in connection with the discovery of two more types of matter - matter and antimatter. This greatly complicated the real idea of the universe. To the existing duality of matter, due to physical and non-physical vacuum, another duality was added.

The suffering of physics did not end there. There was an idea about the existence of another type of matter, which is detected only by its indirect action. At the same time, it was impossible to see new matter. They called this matter “Dark Matter”.

 An imaginary dark and the real light matter

Dark MatterThe presence of so many types of matter greatly complicated the further comprehension by man of the surrounding World. Particularly great difficulties arose in connection with the advent of the concept of dark matter (Defects of the concept of dark matter see).

It is in connection with dark matter that the following should be noted. Humanity vitally needs reliable calculations of the motion of celestial bodies, especially potentially dangerous ones. Therefore, the secret of dark matter must be revealed at all costs. Accordingly, in the future when planning a person’s flights to other stars, this need increases many times over.

What led physics to dark matter? The assumption that it exists arose on the basis of the discovery of galaxies with anomalous (relative to classical mechanics) high rotation speeds of their outer regions. Without any hesitation, this fact was explained by the gravitational action of the invisible matter located in these galaxies. However, the mystery of this matter has not yet been solved.

There is still no definite idea of the essence of dark matter. They suggested various options for its composition. It was believed that it consists of the usual baryonic substance, but for some reason has weak electromagnetic properties. What are these reasons? It is not known. It was believed that it consists of neutrinos. However, the neutrino has no mass! It was believed that this is the effect of a physical vacuum. In this case, the vacuum energy was determined by a scalar field. Then how did a vector field (gravitational) arise from a scalar field? Magnetic monopoles were also considered. However, the magnetic monopole is a ghost itself. How can you build a building on a ghostly foundation !? It was also assumed that dark matter is a linear extended objects - cosmic strings with tremendous mass. However, these strings are also hypothetical objects.

The reason for the existence of the concept of dark matter is the unrevealed other mysteries of the Universe and the imperfection of physics. In this way, the radial velocity distributions of galaxies in galactic clusters, and of stars and globular clusters in galaxies, were studied. However, neither the direction of rotation of the galaxies, nor the orientation of their planes of rotation are still known.

Applied calculations of the distribution of gas mass in clusters based on x-ray radiation are also not reliable. This is due to the fact that at each step of such a difficult calculation, errors are multiplied due to the inaccuracy of the used characteristics of the processes.

The gravitational lensing method, based on image distortion of more distant galaxies, has no evidence that distortions arise precisely because of Gravity.

An analysis of the above mysteries of physics based on the Unified Theory of Nature leads to the following solutions. So, it was found that the outer regions of the galaxies do not rotate (See Galaxies and their gyration ) mysteriously faster than the inner ones, but flow along a curve to the center of the galaxy. Therefore, the increased speed of stars in this region is the sum of the rotation speeds of the galactic nucleus plus the velocity of the ether flowing into the nucleus ("Galaxies and their gyration"see above). Then, firstly, the speeds of movement of various regions of the galaxy will be the greater the closer we are to the center of the galaxy. Secondly, due to the same vortex nature of the galaxy, the speeds of its outer parts will be greater than the calculations of modern celestial mechanics. So no dark matter with its riddles and its inaccessible secrets is needed! At the same time, no additional Gravity is required to hold stars in the galaxy. The movement itself  of these stars in the galaxy is due to their organic existence in the current ether of the macrovortex - the galaxy (see Fig. 49).

About the vacuum. In accordance with the Unified Theory of Nature, there are no physical or other vacuums in Nature (The Space vacuum See). There is a Space filled with maternal and vortex ether (Ether and its physical properties , Galaxies - how they have originated? see). Vortices can have a right or left transverse rotation of the ether, that is, have a positive or negative charge (What is a charge? see). This is matter and antimatter (see Secrets of antimatter).

The galaxy is a macro-vortex of ether. This macrovortex, as it approaches from the periphery to the center, becomes more and more dense (see pressure growth in the galaxy and star). Then it is for light (electromagnetic) rays a regular optical lens. A cluster of galaxies is the same optical lens (see Secrets of galaxy clusters). It follows that the distortion of space images is due to optical aberrations, and not the gravitational attraction of mysterious dark matter. In addition, the curvature of the beam can be further increased due to the flow of ether in the macrovortex region (The curvature of Space is an error see).

Thus, the mystery of dark matter is revealed. This allowed to make the Unified Theory of Nature. There is no dark matter. When flying man in Space, one should not be afraid of its unexpected influence. Flights to the Cosmos can be reliably based on the Unified Theory of Nature. Accordingly, the calculations of the motion of dangerous cosmic bodies can be performed with high accuracy.







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