Universality of the Theory

Universe without a dark matter

Now on a dark matter write off all. Everything that is not clear in Universe - a dark matter. That does not correspond to known physical laws and theories - a dark matter. That does not coincide with mathematical accounts - a dark matter.

3.86. A dark matter and its strained interpretations. It is considered, that Universe contains a dark matter, which cannot be seen directly [4, page 160].

 An imaginary dark and the real light matter


- Good the object of examination - do not hope to see it never!

They are guess that it is in spiral galaxies.

- Why, in the spiral? After all till now have not erected the verisimilar gear of formation of various views of galaxies?

It is guessed also that it is the huge aggregations of stars and gas, shaped frying pan.

- Why the matter shape was restricted to household kitchen?

It is considered that they rotate about the centre with huge velocity and if they were visible then would scatter.

- But why the visible neutron stars, rotating with huge velocity, have not scattered!?

It is supposed that this invisible shape of a matter is great enough and that it yields a gravitational attraction. Therefore galaxies at the gyration are retained in integrity.

- So, if Gravitation - a dark stain  in science, then the stain is a dark matter? 

The dark matter, is considered, is also in aggregations of galaxies. However the velocities with which move separate galaxies in aggregations, are very high, therefore  the aggregations should scatter. Then here again, as well as in the aggregations of stars (see above) the dark matter salvages!

It is totalled that this dark matter should be no more, than 10 % from that density, which should discontinue Universe in its expansion.

- Here the mathematics in embrasing with a dark matter salvages other the unreliable bottom of modern physics - the Big Bang theory. 

It is considered that the dark matter differs from a normal matter of which stars and planets consist. It is supposed that it can be a neutrino.

- But how then the neutrino calls Gravitation (look above), if it is known, the neutrino has no mass?

Unified Theory of Nature answers all these strained interpretations, that Universe perfectly exists without a dark matter. By that the deduction fact in integrity of the system, consisting of stars and gas or from galaxies, reliably confirms the nature and essence of the Gravitation, discovered by Unified Theory of Nature. For the not complete theory of Gravitation, existing in the up-to-date science, it is necessary presence second - the mysterious (latent) mass. For the Unified Theory, featured here (Working out of the Unified Theory see) the complication is absolutely not necessary. Including, it streams from Gravitation - not an attraction.


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