Universality of the Theory

Star formation and Big Bang

How many of secrets generated the Theory of Big Bang! And how many solutions it is offered for each of natural phenomena! Certainly, it is possible to live and so. Solutions are - and what else is necessary? However the set of the secrets and, in the greater degree, the existence of set of their solutions says that Universe appears at the person as extremely complicated and not learnt. Among these secrets there is one, which excites the clever people extremely strongly - star formation.


Till now there are differences in the nature and gears of formation of new stars. By that the concepts are offered rather complicated, and frequently the inconsistent. So, it is considered that the cloud from gas and dust is concentrated under the influence of Gravitation and a shock wave of the most various nature. However the Gravitation is secret. So, how it is possible to unclose one unknown through other unknown

It is reported, that length of free flight of photons decreases in process of squeezing of a gas cloud. So, after all the photons have illusive existence (remember Dualism of particles). Here an unknown is opened through the illusive!

It is reported, that the gear of formation of new stars, featured by authors, is the lawful under the requirement of presence of gyration of a cloud. Presence of this essential requirement is taken over simply. Is it necessary, that the cloud rotated, please: «… however all of them possess an angular momentum to some extent». 

Let's give two more examples.

Formation of stars in sleeves of galaxies on Lin С.C and Shu F.H. The astrophysics affirms, that the galaxy spiral represents a wave, which is spread on the disk of a galaxy. This wave, it is considered, leads to formation of new stars. However, whence the mysterious wave has undertaken, nobody yields the convincing answer.

Under Unified Theory (Formation of galaxies and stars see) the cause of star formation − not a shock wave. Stars are organised of the mesovortexes of ether, which inscribed in a macrovortex of a galaxy integrally.

«Stars were organised of gas and dust», consisting of ice and black lead. On the up-to-date representations  stars are organised of gas and the dust, consisting of ice and black lead. Both these of a constituent are organised in stars. However, as A.King writes [18, page. 19], there is a fundamental inconsistency: «how there were these substances, if stars cannot be before dust formation?». 

Obviously these facts contradict the Big Bang theory, whence, in addition to stated in paper «Big Bang - mistake» follows, that this theory is not true.

Under Unified Theory the formation of stars, galaxies, their explosions and dust dispersion on Universe is happened not from the beginning of the illusive Big Bang, but continuous. Formation of a new star is happened not from a dust ("Formation of galaxies and stars" see above). However  dust and bodies from environmental Space from earlier blown up stars, galaxies (The gear of occurrence of explosions and Gas and dust in galaxies see) can be transferred at formation of a new star, galaxies.






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