Universality of the Theory

The old stars in galactic centre, exhaust of substance, concentration of masses

Universe stores set till now not uncovered secrets (Secret of the Universe). Secrets of galaxies are most the impress among them. So, F.Hoyle [10] indicates that in the field of separate galaxies there are stars which for some reason do not participate in common gyration of a galaxy. However their orbits, leaving far from the galaxy centre, mysteriously make through deeply into the galaxy central regions.

 It is quite often possible to observe mysterious jet formations in galaxies. What essence of these jets? What their nature? Till now it remains secret.

 The secret of Universe are also the radiants of a high-power radiation quasars. On the up-to-date representations quasars arise because of gravitational concentration of masses. However, as writes F.Hojl, it is not known, how there were these huge concentrations of masses. 


The Unified Theory has uncovered the indicated secrets of galaxies and quasars.

The old stars penetrate deep in the central field of galaxy. Under The Unified Theory ("Stars and galaxies" see) the ether flows by the continuously converging in one field direct flow before formation of a galactic vortex. In this phase there can be local smoothings of density of ether − mesovortexes – stars (Why out of  galaxies stars are a little see).

Further the galactic macrovortex starts to be organised. It starts to condense an ether in it even more  with formation of new mesovortexes - stars. But those, that were organised earlier in the spherically converging fluxion, will be spanned by  ether with the former, guided to the centre of a galaxy, trajectories to the plane of the organised macrovortex at the macrovortex condensing ("Sorts of galaxies" see) by activity of Gravitation ("Gravitation not an attraction" see ). Then the old stars (organized in the plane of the future macrovortex) and the new will move in this plane, but with different velocity ("Speeds of movement in Universe" see). Other stars, which were organised earlier outside of a vortex (look above), will be because of possession inertia ("Secret of inertia" see) move on the trajectories, which are not coinciding with the plane of the galaxy, including the fluctuating concerning the galaxy plane ("Why globe aggregations fluctuate" see). By that the old stars can make through deep into galaxy in its central field. Thus, one of the secrets of galaxies is uncovered.

Exhaust of substance from galaxies. Let's unclose the second secret of galaxies. According to Unified Theory ("Stars and galaxies" see above, "Sorts of galaxies" see above) the formation of a macrovortex (galaxy) leads to that the ether flow in the direction of an axis of a galaxy (from its two sides) decreases. Accordingly the filtration pressure of ether ( Essence of Gravitation see) to the galaxy centre in this direction decreases also. So there are the requirements for exhausts of substance from the central region of galaxies outside along polar axis. By that the substance jets can be bent further depending on localisation of the dissimilarities in Space ("World is dissimilar" see). The second secret of galaxies is uncovered also. 

Quasars and ether fluxion. Under Unified Theory the formation of the huge mass of a quasar really. It follows from that the quasar is organised not of a cloud (as it is considered), which should have boundaries. Thereupon huge sizes (and, accordingly, mass) of a cloud are not real. A quasar is organised from the boundless ether ("The vacuum is not present either in Space, or in a microCosm" see). By that Gravitation under Unified Theory occurs not because of an attraction, but Gravitation is caused by the filtration fluxion of ether through substance − microvortexes ("How a quasar is organized" see)

Universality of the Unified Theory of Nature is shown on the given instances.



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