Universality of the Theory

Big Bang and ultrarays

Who trusts in the Big Bang theory - You? Then read further. Now not only You, but also all largest scientists consider that the Universe has resulted from a Big Bang.

However I want to ask apologists of this theory. How you, using the Big Bang theory, explain the following? Why ultrarays contain kernels of group of iron much more, than stars? In stars one kern of iron on 105 protons, and in ultrarays one kern of iron on 20 protons. The Big Bang theory is helpless here. It is obvious. And how the Unified Theory will manage this inconsistency?


A composition of stars and ultrarays under the Unified Theory. On the Unified Тheory ("Neutron star" see) the places of formation of protons – the stars. Therefore their the greatest concentration is here. The interstellar space is filled with protons and electrons at the explosions of stars – the throwing out of shell. Then the cosmic rays on Unified Тheory is the ethereous (so the undetectable) flow together with the detectable microvortexes (the protons, the electrons). Obviously the concentration of these kernels it will be necessary decreases in process of removal from stars. 

In process of the convergence magnification of the next jets of ether these microvortexes can integrate in the associations (the kerns, the chemical elements), to form stars and galaxies ("Universe and substance", "Why out of  galaxies stars are a little", "Sequence of formation of stars" see).   

Depending on the macrozone size, in which ether driving in the rarefaction macrofield ("Star and galaxies" see) has begun, ether flows can come to stars more all with protons or with the already generated heavy kerns. These kerns at the approach to the star fringe region will start to be crushed again on the small particles: neutrons, protons (look above "Neutron star"), reducing in stars an amount of heavy kernels concerning protons. 

It is all. Any inconsistencies, as it is in the Theory of  Big Bang. Here so the Theory, here so a beauty!





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