Universality of the Theory

Electromagnetic field, Universe and unified theories

It is considered that the Universe is charged by various fields: the magnetic, the electrical, the electromagnetic, the gravitational, the field of Higgs, the informational and other fields. Though the knowledge of this fields in the physics is rather modest, now there is a hard work on join of this fields to a unified field for more integral knowledge of Universe. So, even in the most studied three first fields there is the secret variety of problems till now. For example, till now it is not absolutely clear, what is the electromagnetic waves. What deep gear of their origin? What the essence of magnetic and electrical fields in Universe? Why attraction of magnets is stronger in many times, than an attraction of the electrified bodies? And much, much the another. And how then to create for Universe the unified field theory (Physics, Philosophy and Gravitation see) , to that many physicists are aimed now? It is obvious, the success with its making should not be expected, as it is too many of white spots in making parts of this illusive theory. Let's try to fill these white stains of Universe on the basis of Unified Theory of Nature. 


Electromagnetic waves not that the scientists think about them. Under the up-to-date concept, grounded on Maxwell’s theory of the electromagnetic waves, it is approved  the following.

At a prompt modification of travelling speed of a charge  the field, accompanying it and possessing the certain inertia, comes off a charge and exists independently in the form of electromagnetic waves.

The concept is the rather feeble. So, a charge is not known that, and the incorporeal (illusive) field possesses Inertia. On J. Maxwell it is gained: the illusive accompanies an unknown!!! Moreover the essence of Inertia in physics also remains secret.

The Unified Theory opens what is a charge, what is Inertia (Secrets of Inertia see), what is the electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic wave arises not because of Inertia. It is a wave not the longitudinal (as someone considered) and not the cross-section (as now all consider), and not in vacuum (as consider practically all). That is now termed as an electromagnetic wave, is the complicated longitudinal-cross wave in the material ether, organised at a modification of a steepness of an vortex of ether, in which the microvortex moves: an electron, a proton (What is the electromagnetic wave see)

Electrical and a magnetic field are not related absolutely to an electromagnetic field. It is considered that "an electrical" and "magnetic" field - private shapes of an "electromagnetic" field.

In the Unified Theory it is erected that they are the essentially different appearances. "Electric field" (Essence of an electric field see) – the ether motion in a microvortex - vortex motion.  "Magnetic field" (What is the magnetic field? see) – motion of the maternal ether through the vortex torus. "Electromagnetic field" – the undular motion in a parent ether. Accordingly the mutual orthogonality of the "electrical" and the "magnetic" fields in the "electromagnetic field" (a postulate of J. Maxwell) does not exist, since the «electrical and the magnetic field» are not present in "an electromagnetic" field. Orthogonality of the "electric field" with the "magnetic" separately from the "electromagnetic field" is, but the essence of it is the perfect another.  That is the orthogonality between the direction of current of a maternal ether through the vortex torus and the plane of this microvortex (see above).

Why the attraction of magnets is stronger than an attraction of electrified bodies? The mysterious fact is known that the attraction of magnets is stronger than an attraction of electrified bodies. The Uniform Theory opens this secret.

From  essence of the "electrical" an the"magnetic field" (see above and Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia  see) streams that the electrified bodies will be attracted much more feeblly, than the magnetised since only the superficial microvortexes participate in an electrization, but in a magnetisation - in all body. 

Thus white spots of Universe are filled some more, and three given examples show success and universality of the Unified Theory (see also Brain, information, aura).



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