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Lunar tides - why I.Njuton's theory does not coincide with a reality?


So what I.Njuton was not right in?  It is known the activity of Moon and Sun calls  the Lunar tides on Earth 2 times a day. The cause of the Lunar tides is considered the tidal force, determined by I.Njuton as consisting of the gravitation of Moon, the gravitation of Sun and the centrifugal force concerning the general centre of masses «Moon-Earth». 

The main lack of the theory of Lunar tides of I.Njuton is that he used the concept of Gravitation which the essence is unknown*. Besides at the explanation of a sign and a direction of the centrifugal forces, acting to Earth, I.Njuton considered the centrifugal forces do not depend of the radius of a point on Earth and their directions are identical – from Moon

The last standing cannot be the true, since in the monthly gyration of the system «Moon-Earth» the radiuses of Earth move not in parallel to themselves. Hence the centrifugal forces concerning the general centre of gravity of the system are various in various points of Earth. Their directions in one points – from  Moon, in others – to Moon.

The calculations, carried out by I.Njuton, have given the Lunar tide  on 0,55 m,  that has dispersed from the real observations. After 85 years the Inertia of water and its viscosity have been entered into I.Njuton's calculations. However, the gained values of the Lunar tides, close to the real, have not coincided with the places of the greatest Lunar tides. Taking into account Inertia of water, the water should run on east coasts, but it highly mounts at the east, at the western, at the northern, at the southern (see [21, p. 76]). Thus the use of Inertia  appeared as the erroneous direction.

How to eliminate lacks of the I.Njuton theory of the Lunar tides. Any unified field theory  cannot eliminate the indicated lacks Unified Тheory of Nature can. On it there are no the gravitational Moon forces, extending Earth. There is the gravitational shade of Moon on Earth in the flow of ether, flowing to Earth (The gravitational shade see). Besides the flow of ether, flowing from the environmental Space to Earth, becomes the less dense because of the flowing of a part of this flow in Moon. In the result the gravitational pressure on Earth is less in place of the shade**, but behind its limits it is more. It leads to the ocean water is extruded in the shaded place ***. 

And as ether inflows to Earth from the different directions (The gear of occurrence of explosion see) then with the return (concerning Moon) side of Earth the gravitational shade will not be and the activity of Moon will not give neither the rising of water, nor the depression. However in the monthly continuance the system «Earth-Moon» rotates concerning the centre of masses, disposed in Earth on the distance from centre of Earth to Moon at 0,7 radiuses of Earth. Then the centrifugal force of Earth (The essence of Inertia see) on the surface of Earth, the removed from Moon, will be essential to raise the water of Ocean. That will be at the expense of its reflux from the territories next to the indicated. This uprise will be proportional to the quadrate of velocity [1, p. 95] of points of this zone removed on 1,7 radius of Earth from the general centre of the mass. From the side of Moon it will be slightly increase the rising of water, since here the velocity of the linear gyration of Earth surface in 6 times more slowly, than in the unshaded field. 

Earth in the relation to Sun because of its remoteness is in the rarefieder ether flowing to Sun (in comparison with the similar flow in system «Moon-Earth»). Therefore the influence of Sun on the tides on Earth will be less. It is expressed that the filtrating (the gravitational) flow of ether to Sun through Earth will be press a little the water on the shady side of Earth and to draw off water to Sun on the light side.

The note. Except the incorrectness of the tidal theory of I.Njuton here concerning Gravitation of bodies is found out the incorrectness I.Njuton's Third Law: «The action is equal to the counteraction», and E.Rosh's theory about the occurrence of the tidal disruptive forces also (Neutron star see).


* Just about this I.Njuton spoke: «I do not invent of hypotheses». 

** As streams from Unified Тheory of Nature, the concept of the shade essentially differs from the concept of the gravitational shade of French astronomer Allen, who has found out its existence in the mid-seventies of 20 century. At Allen the gravitational shade influences on the gravitational attraction, but on the Unified Тheory an attraction are not present, but the gravitational shade of Moon is the principal cause of the tides on Earth.

*** It is possible to observe similarly, how the wind blows in a shade, when in a solar weather the shade of a cloud approaches on you.





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