Universality of the Theory

Symmetry in physics - not an universal basis of Material World



Symmetry in physics is considered as the universal basis of  World. However it contradicts to the real Nature. So at Nature there is material and there is no antimaterial. The fact is found in experiences of Ch.Vu's, J.Fitch and J. Cronin (1964), that symmetry is not the fundamental law of Nature. Nevertheless, instead of symmetry revision as physics bases, theorists make a new explanation to the new paradoxical fact. However this explanation leans against artful abilities of mathematics. Here, in particular, the explanation follows not from physical essence of this fact, but from properties of great numbers.

P.Kyuri (1894) considered that symmetry has universal character and has formulated the principle: a body form conserves only those elements of own symmetry, which coincide with the elements of symmetry of external environment imposed on it. By that he considered that the gravitation field possesses the highest form of symmetry – the spherical. Therefore Earth, Sun and all space bodies, generated under the influence of own field of Gravitation, are spherically symmetric.

Here the obvious contradiction - bodies were not yet, but the field of Gravitation was at them?!

 Spherical symmetry of the microorganisms, weighed in water, speaks in the physics by universality of the symmetry. The explanation is so. For microorganisms the field of Gravitation of Earth is the less important in comparison with the spherically symmetric field of fluid pressure.

Here obviously it is considered that under the law of Pascal the hydrostatic pressure in a point is the equal in all directions. However a microorganism - not a mathematical point and though the microorganism is small, but fluid pressure above it and more low are not identical - are not symmetric. Besides, the fluid pressure field is created by field of Gravitation of Earth, so, this same.  

In the physics it is considered that any point of a terrestrial surface under the influence of the symmetric terrestrial Gravitation receives «symmetry of a cone». Therefore all bodies, attached on Earth and educing erectly, should receive symmetry of a cone. The most bright examples are resulted: a sand hill, a tree, in particular, a spruce.

However  you will not find any pair symmetric points  at a sand hill and even at having very slender crone fir-tree. Here it is impossible to speak about universality of symmetry in general. And why the pine crone is rather far from the cone form? And why the symmetric Gravitation does not create the symmetry of a cone to an the oak, which grows on the border of wood? Why its inferior boughs elongate more, than the top only on the one hand, after all Gravitation is symmetrical from all its sides? That is why that the inferior boughs of a tree as an alive organism (automatic system), reach for light, including, from under the new evolved top, shading light. From here it is visible that it is impossible to name symmetry a universal basis of  World.   

In the physics it is reported  everything that grows or moves inclined or is horizontal, possesses only a unique plane of symmetry. However here again symmetry is not a basis, as Gravitation in the plan over such object same.  It is obvious development of such organisms dictated not by symmetry, but the physical stability (The Unified Theory opens secret of  Life  see).

H.Veyl (1885 - 1955) after P.Kyuri has translated the concept of symmetry on the abstract level. He named symmetry as an invariance of object at the certain mathematical transformation. Now these objects consider phenomena, formulas, and the signs of objects: the geometrical, the biological, the physical, the information. Here the mathematics has allowed to find the mathematical symmetric transformations in various objects: cavities, crystals. However it does not say that the Nature went by such symmetric path as in the mathematician the person has managed.

Acknowledgement to it are attempts of the coordination of Quantum Electrodynamics with experiments and other kinds of forces. The symmetry named "calibrating" (S.Vajnberg). At this approach was considered that mathematical symmetry creates all known physical strengths. However symmetry often let down. Then it was necessary to recognise that it is not absolutely universal. It rejected, naming it is spontaneous infringement of symmetry. By that it was necessary to use concept of stability of system as the causes (infringement) of symmetry. However it was held back that stability is the physical concept, bound to force, but Quantum Electrodynamics is based that forces are a consequence of symmetry, instead of the cause.

For working out of calibrating symmetry it was necessary to use far from a reality the model  with «the magic handle», for example, by consideration the isotope spin. It is necessary to notice that the calibrating symmetry, used for the description of weak interaction, is not found at researches. The further use of calibrating symmetries for unification of 4 fundamental interactions has led to 11 measurements, that has complicated the scientific representation about Nature very mach.

So is it possible to consider symmetry, as the universal? As it is positioned above, symmetry is not universal. Then it is possible-whether to consider symmetry as a basis of World? No, it is impossible. That is not the universal in World, cannot be the World basis.

Under Unified Theory of Nature the basis of existence of World - dissimilarity of physical Material Space (World is dissimilar see). The dissimilarity is similar by something to mathematical concept of asymmetry. However the physical cannot coincide with the mathematical, that is they essentially do not coincide. Besides, the concept of asymmetry is the derivative of concept of symmetry, which as it is positioned above, nonfundamental, but the dissimilarity is the world basis.

Dissimilarity also is similar on dissymmetry of P.Kyuri in something, but does not coincide with it for the same causes. At the same time, the real known in Nature symmetry is the derivative of the specified basis – the dissimilarity of Material Space (Seelf-equalization see).





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