Universality of the Theory

A proton and secrets of his life

A proton - the most interesting element of Universe. Much of his life remains secret till now. In particular the hypothetical decay of a proton is the secret. Possibility to proved the real existence of the decay calls now rather considerable the interest. The Unified Theory slightly opens some of the secrets.



Coexistence of the ethereous vortexes. As it is positioned in the Unified Theory (look Neutron star), a proton – the rotating ethereous torus, formed of the dense vibratile microvolumes of ether in the proskiding zone of the aster. The aster explosion had turned concerning to its surface the outer region of these ethereous microvolumes. Then because of the inside viscosity of ether (look  Properties of ether) and of the inertia of the ethereous kernel of the aster (look The essence of Inertia) were formed the toruses of these microvolumes (fig. 43). Viscosity of ether has not allowed to happen the flat displace through this round microvolume, and Inertia has yielded to the microvolume a cavity.



Fig. 43. Phases of formation of a proton:

1 – the inertia action on the inside area of the microvolume; 2 – the proskiding layer; 3 – the counter traffic of layers.


The proton departs together with  the thrown off cover of the star (look "Neutron star") to the interstellar Space. Because of presence in the ethereous torus - proton of the cross rotation (look What is the charge?) the proton is asymmetrical.

The electron-vortex – the rotating torus, formed in the by proton ether region (look above "Neutron star"), has rather small mass. The electron, as well as a proton, (see above) is asymmetrical (fig. 44) because of the cross rotation of a jet of ether at its short circuit in the torus vortex.


Fig. 44. Asymmetry of the microvortex – the electron.

1 - the direction of flow of ether inside of the torus; 2 – outside. 


The dimensions of an electron are defined by the dimension of the starting it in rotation the proton, and a thickness of a jet in ethereous torus because of small mass rather small.

The neutron is the same, as in the proton, the vortical torus, but which remained after the star explosion together with the kernel of the star, rotating with a great speed (fig. 45).



Fig. 45. The neutron formation. 1 - the star kernel; 2 - the neutron; v1 – the peripheral speed of the star surfaces; v2 – the orbital speed of the neutron.


It has found the pressed by the pressure wave, and then and by Gravitation to the kernel and was divided into the layers. At the subsequent explosion of the neutron star (look Explosions of galaxies and stars) the time of life of such (self-contained - without the star) the microvortex - the neutron is small. It is caused by viscous losses between its layers. The neutron turns to the proton with the subsequent formation about it an electron.

In a galaxy - the macrovortex of ether (look  Formation of stars and galaxies) the stars - mesovortexes with their bodies and a dust, microvortexes: electrons and protons move to the galaxy kernel. Its kernel grows. Pressure in it is less in many time, than in the star because of the smaller curvature, so, of the smaller stability of the coiled jets (look The first  law of existence of Universe). The protons and neutrons are not formed at the explosion of a galaxy ( look "Explosions of galaxies and stars"). It is caused by the specified smaller, than in the star, stability of the coiled jets, their smaller density (Why three? see) and huge Inertia of the kernel (look "Neutron star", 8th paragraph). The last does not allow to be accelerated to the galaxy kernel in its rotation at the moment of the galaxy explosion.

Star. Bodies and a dust, consisting of microvortexes (look The gear of formatnon of the chemical bond), and the free microvortexes: protons, electrons move to the star kernel.

The opened secrets of a birth and life of a proton and its environment yield to a person the unlimited possibilities. In particular, they allow to be bypassed without carrying out of the risky superpower-intensive experiments on the microcosm studying.








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