Universality of the Theory

Proton, electron and the universal Unified Theory

Under the Unified Theory at the approach of the еther microvortexes: proton and electron they are repelled, if their transit fluxions (look the Transit stream) in the tangency place is the opposite (fig. 46 a). If then the electron to turn on 1800 , then their fluxions become the coinciding (fig. 46 δ). Then there is the pulling of the electron by the proton with the centre displace (coplanarly to the plane of the proton). The electron comes nearer by the end face to the end face of the proton and sticks by the  proton (look the Microvortex - the pump), braking the exterior stratum of the proton (i.e. eliminating its charge) which breaks off the electron. 




Fig. 46. Interaction of a proton with an electron.

a – the vortexes are repelled; δ - the vortexes  are drawn; в – the phase of a contact of vortexes;  1– the electron; 2 – the proton; 3 – the ether flow.


The electron is unreeled, creating the single wave − neutrino (look Essence of a neutrino), and the proton in absence of the gyration of the exterior stratum is transmuted into a neutron (look the Neutron star).

Thus, the universal Unified Theory, featured in the present site, for the first time in a science, offers the  theoretical essence explanation of the kernel reaction: an electron plus a proton generate a neutrino plus a neutron.




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