Universality of the Theory

Electron-positron collision under the Unified Theory

Till now the deep-seated essence of the processes, proceeding at the interacting of an electron with a positron, is unknown. It is known only that is manifested their annihilation with electromagnetic radiation. However, how it occurs, anybody does not know. The knowledge of these deep-seated processes would allow to a modern physics to eliminate some, existing in it, the paradoxes, preventing the development of physics. The universal Unified Theory stated in the present site, allows to open the deep-seated essence of these processes. 

 Under the univirsal Unified Theory the electron approach (look An electron) to a positron was possiblly only at coincidence of a direction of an ether current through holes in the ether  microvortexes – toruses (look Electric charge).



 Fig. 47. The mechanism of an annihilation of pair: «e -е +». e -anelectron; е +a positron; 1, 2, 3, 4 – the electron positions in space at its rotational displacement; 5 - the predominating direction of a stream of a maternal ether at the electron; 6 - the same at a positron;   δ - the short-range side of the torus; ∂ - the long-range side of the torus.


Then (fig. 47) the current directions in vortexes will be the opposite (look Electron charge) . As a result of the collision of streams of ether in the microvortexes they are destroyed (annihilated), forming the pressure wave - the electromagnetic wave (look What is the electromagnetic wave). 

Thus, the deep-seated mechanism of a leakage of the kernel reaction: an electron plus a positron is erected. It gives to a modern physics new possibilities.






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