Universality of the Theory

Deuterium and its secrets


Deuterium is used by the person widely. So, it is used in atomic engineering as a moderator of neutrons, applied to a thermonuclear reaction in hydrogen bombs and in variety of other important spheres of activity of the person. However it is known not all about deuterium. It is known only that deuterium is one of two stable isotopes of the hydrogen, which kern consists of one proton and one neutron.




As both the proton, and a neutron themselves are secrets of Nature then many secrets are related to deuterium also. It the secret of an origin of water on Earth and the secret of a birth of energy of Sun, and the secret of conservation of water in the future of Earth, and even the secret of an origin of herself Universe. But the main secret of deuterium, definiting all its other secrets, the secret of its stability is. 

Why deuterium is stable? As Unified Theory of Nature is the universal, then it must answers on the specified question. From the Unified Theory follows that at the forced approach of the ether microvortex - a proton to the microvortex - a neutron they become to each other crossly orthogonally. It is caused (look the Neutron star) by the cross motion of stream in the microvortex - torus. In this standing their mutual friction is the minimum. From the Unified Theory (look A force and above "Neutron star") follows that the power band of a neutron represents the moving in a neutron the  streams of ether. As it on a size is less, than a power band of a proton (look above "Neutron star") then the microvortex - the neutron is pressed in the  microvortex ring – the  proton. 

From the specified universal Unified Theory it is known also that in the streams of the vortexes there is the ether cross motion (look Stars and Galactics). Then in the requirements, specified above, one side of the vortex in the place of contact of the vortexes it is braked, the second is drawn out. Accordingly in the place of the contact of the microvortexes pressure is increased. As a result there is a prompt cut of more thin layers of the neutron vortex. By that the former motion of the cutted vortex is maintained at the expense of Inertia (look Secret of inertia). Therefore the stream of the cutted vortex is closed. There is a jump of the stream of the microvortex of ether from one the stable standing in another the stable through  an intermediate – the unstable standing (Look "tumbler" in [42]). 

After the neutron hitch for the proton the contact of the nucleons supports the motion of the inside layer of the neutron concerning the immobile exterior by interior surfaces of toruses of microvortexes. The neutron becomes same viable, as well as a proton. The disrupture of the formed communication,which have origin- nated for any parents, returns the neutron to it’s the former free existence and to the prompt transmutation into a proton (look above "Neutron star"). 

Streams of each of the specified microvortexes of ether - toruses have the considerable thickness (look above "Neutron Star"). From this it follows that the hitch of the nucleons has a small cross gap. It means – the locked nucleons  inclined to cross oscillations a very little. Hence, the shocks of one vortex microstream about another practically miss. The stable ether-vortical communication ("carbine", look fig. 15) and a kern of heavy hydrogen - a deuteron (fig. 48) * are formed.



                                                    A                                                      B                                                                                          

                                                      Fig. 48. Formation of kerns of "atoms". 

                                                         A - a deuteron; B - an α - corpuscle. 


The cause of the mysterious pushing away of nucleons on small distances  streams from the description of deep-seated essence of the internucleon communication (look also the first law of existence of Universe). By that there is no the necessity of attraction the hypothetical quark corpuscles, which  essentially complicates a nuclear physics. 

Formation of the heavier kern. At the  exterior pressure on the greater (than two nucleons) quantity of nucleons is formed more than one hook on each nucleon. As a result all squeezed nucleons are appeared bound mutually (fig. 48). 

Thus, the Unified Theory, featured in the present site, being universal, has allowed to erect the cause of stability of deuterium and the cause of pushing away of nucleons, and the mechanism of formation of heavier kerns. It gives to the person the additional possibilities of protection of our Planet from space threats, including, from the coming nearer asteroid. 


*On fig. 48 the diameter of microvortexes - toruses for the best visibility of their hitch is figured more thin intentionally, than in the featured ungap hitch.







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