Universality of the Theory

Protons, ultrarays and gamma-splashs

Till now it is not known, how  ultrarays are formed. What is the source of mysterious gamma-splashs in Universe? Why almost all known "elementary" corpuscles are promptly destroyed?  

As the developed Unified Theory is the universal, we will solve on its bottom the given puzzles. 

How c are formed and what is the source of mysterious gamma-splashs? Gamma-splash - the explosive emission of energy, observed in distant galaxies. Its spectrum places in the most rigid part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Sources of gamma-splashs are on the distances in billions light years from Earth. 

To explain the mysterious processes which can generate gamma-splashs, hundreds of theoretical models have been built. However any of them has not gained trusty acknowledging. Thereupon gamma-splashs remain one of the greatest puzzles of astrophysics. 

In the Unified Theory it is erected (look Neutron star) that the protons, are formed as a result of explosion of a shell of the star, are appeared on a distance from this star. Then their further destiny can be the following. These protons can appear in ether fluxions to the next stars. Then the formed protons are divided into streams - the ultrarays, are guided to these stars. In it there is a mechanism of formation of ultrarays. 

If nearby from the star - mother of these protons are not present other stars (and the such in Universe happens rather seldom), the destiny of all the formed protons it will be perfect other. All dense cloud of protons round of the mother star under the influence of ether fluxion to this star (look Annihilation of space craft) is stoped and started in the fatal for their mother backward direction - to the star. Protons get the cosmic velocity (look Speeds of movement in Universe) and are collapsed from the different directions at the star, as well as earlier, tangentially to its surface (look above "Neutron star"). At the moment of the tangency by a proton of the kern of the star it is unreeled (look Coexistence of stars and galaxies) - annihilated and simultaneously starts in a slip the following stratum of the kern of the star, which iterates the activities of the first stratum. This transient tangential shock is transmitted on the elastic already extreme squeezed kern of the star (look Pressure growth in galaxies and stars) consecutively from a stratum to a stratum for all thickness of the ring - the torus ether macrovortex - the star. At the specified annihilation of the protons of an each stratum there is the electromagnetic radiation. All star through the annihilation of protons annihilates - disappears. On the star place does not remain anything, except the short very powerful radiation. 




The length of wave λ at the unwinding of the microvortex - proton will be equal to the former circumference of the torus - the microvortex, spread by the «splash». Then λ = πDр, where Dр - the diameter of a proton. Having substituted in the formula for the wave length the value Dр = 6∙10-15 m, we gain: λ ≈ 2∙10-14 m. The value matches to the extremely rigid range of a gamma radiation.  

Why the "elementary" corpuscles are promptly destroyed? Similarly to the linking of nucleons are formed the others, termed as "elementary", particles (Fandamentel particles see). However the strength of their cohesion is small. They promptly collapse because of they are formed of the coupled electrons and positrons, which have rather thin jet of ether in a torus (see Coexistence of the ethereous vortexes) and the significant greater interior hole in the torus, than in a proton. It leads to the major clearance in the pair gearing, so to the interior oscilations (vibration) of couple [27] of the mutually geared rotating microvortexes and to its smash – to fracture. 

Thus the Unified Theory of Nature has allowed to erect the mechanism of formation of ultrarays and to detect the nature of a sourse of rare gamma-splashs of the powerful electromagnetic radiation in Universe and to solve other mysterious puzzles also.  

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