Universality of the Theory

Galaxy, star and proton - why three?

The modern description of Universe arrangement is rather complicated. In the Unified Theory of Nature it is chose the fundamental  structures of Universe a galaxy, a star, a proton.

Why three? These are three because it is detected the structure of the greatest possible sizes, the structure of the extreme small sizes and the intermediate sizes between these two. All these fundamental structures are the vortexes.

The ether macrovortex of Universe – a galaxy has gained the greatest possible sizes. It follows from that the maternal ether out of the ether vortexes has the extreme small density (Space is the continuous or the discrete see). From 2nd fundamental property of  World ("All moves"see) follows that for motion origination in the ether Space it is necessary presence of dissimilarity of ether density in two different points of Space. Because of the rather small density of the maternal ether it is follow necessary rather low gradients of this density also. Then the distance between the unequal points of ether Space will be rather great – the maximum.  From here streams the maximality of sizes of the vortex, wich started to be shaped in the maternal ether. We will term this macrovortex as the first fundamental stage of Universe.

In the originated macrovortex – galaxy the ether density it is necessary is increased in the fluxions – streams, including in the radial – before the macrovortex formation. Therefore in these consistenter streams the following on a size – the  smaller vortexes of Universe (mesovortexes) – stars (Stars and galaxies see) are formed. The initial sizes of the stars will essentially less of the sizes of a galaxy as they are caused by the traversal sizes of parts of the macrovortex – its streams (Secrets of galaxies and quasars see). This vortex is the second fundamental stage of Universe.

In the mesovortexes – stars the density is even more increased (Explosions of galaxies and stars see). The velocities of fluxion of streams of ether and, accordingly, the difference of the velocities also reach still great values. It leads to that the mutual collision and friction of the streams starts the condensed microbands of ether in gyration. The microvortexes – protons are formed. Practically simultaneously with protons his brothers – neutrons and electrons (Neutron star see) are formed. The order of a size of the microvortex – a proton is defined by the density and the elasticity  of ether ("Neutron star" see above). It is third fundamental stage of Universe.

Why galaxies and stars have a wide dispersedness of sizes and masses, but protons haven’t?

It is known that in microCosm electrons, protons, neutrons have the stable traversal size and mass, but in macroCosm stars and galaxies have a wide dispersedness  of sizes and masses. The explanation to it misses.

From the Unified Theory of Nature follows that galaxies and stars have a wide dispersedness of sizes (and masses) because of dispersedness in Space of density of  maternal ether ("Stars and galaxies" see above). The microCosm elements: electrons, protons, neutrons have appeared in the strictly certain requirements ("Neutron star" see above). Therefore they have the strictly certain size and mass. Besides they maintain themselves by regular, almost imperceptible for us, ultramicrooutthrowings of the accumulated ether, leading to the constant radiation in Space, the known as «Relict radiation».

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