Universality of the Theory

Planet formation under the Unified Theory of Nature

 In the up-to-date science there is a major series of the hypotheses of formation of planets. However any of them is not free from contradictions. For build-up of the true theory of planet formation let's use universality of Unified Theory of Nature.

A planet - the clot of a shell of the star. On the Unified Тheory a formation of planets occurs at explosions of stars. Planets consist of the sidereal and the interstellar material, formed at the formation of the ether macrovortexes – galaxies, the mesovortexes – stars. The subsequent explosion of a star scatters a star material in the next to a star Space (Exposions of galaxies and stars see).

The fragment - the ether clot of a shell of the blown up star with all combinations of microvortexes of ether (formed in the star) − D.Mendeleyev's elements falls in the changed requirements: Gravitation starts to act on it from different directions (it was in the star, more all, with one). Then this clot of ether starts to change the shape to the most compact (from the requirement of equalization of pressures, of densities, Mysterious ether see), i.e. to the spherical.

Besides, the changed requirements differ also that this clot of ether rotates round itself axis (the daily gyration) and round the mesovortx of ether - star (the annual gyration). The planet is formed. The specified gyrations streams from presence of the vortex of ether round the star and the former gyration of this torn off zone in the star and the explosion requirements ("Exposions of galaxies and stars " see above). The gyration of the spherical clot – planet about the axis gives a day and a night on its surface, i.e. the periodic action of the undular radiation of the star. Presence of the essential dissimilarity of ether ( World is dissimilar see) on the trajectory of the flying away clot from the star (for example, presence of a body) or the asymmetry of the shock of the body in the star, called the explosion ("Exposions of galaxies and stars " see above), can decline the plane of gyration of the planet from the former plane of it gyration in the star. Then on the planet in an annual continuance there will be the change of the radiation intensity by the star, i.e. a winter, a spring, a summer, an autumn.

As a result, on each surface segment of the planet, the tripped microvortexes of ether (D.Mendeleyev's elements) are subjected to the constant action of Gravitation (into the tripped microvortexes), to the unilateral (in the direction to the planet centre) and to the periodic undular (the vibrational) action of the radiation of the star. It creates the requirements for formation of the new combinations of microvortexes: the Gravitation squeezes, the vibration (the heating) reduces a friction and breaks the former bonds. This vibration is especially effective in  the liquid bonds of microvortexes (in the solutions, for example, the water solutions)*.

From featured it is visible that in the superficial band of a planet there are the requirements rather essentially different from the requirements of this clot of ether in the star. This is the short-periodic action of waves of the star during of day and night. This is the long-periodic action of these waves in the spring, in the summer, in the autumn and in the winter. By that there is a constant comprehensive and single-sided action of local Gravitation in each volume of a planet (look Essence of Gravitation), beginning  from its surface. This is the changing on a direction (because of planet gyration) almost constant (because of remoteness of the star) action of Gravitation from the star. In a planet in comparison with a star the pressure and the temperature also were essentially downgraded. It has occurred because of the clot leaving from the band in the star, where through this clot the ether stream (to the star), having much bigger density and velocity (look "Explosions of galactics and stars") proceeded. The lowest temperature becomes on a planet surface as here it is created the least single-sided filtrational - Gravitational pressure (look above "Essence of Gravitation").

Thus, universality of the Unified Theory of Nature has allowed to solve and this problem - to erect free from contradictions the mechanism of formation of planets.


* The requirements essentially differ from the featured in [39]



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