Universality of the Theory

Solar system and the secrets of its planets

It is known, that planets of Solar system are rotated with different velocity: the external are prompt, the interior slowly. Why? It is not known. Besides, it is known, that the inner planets: Venus and Merkury are not companions. And it is not known. It is known, that the inner planets are the dense, the exterior are not the dense. However, why it so – the secrets of Universe. 

Universality of the Unified Theory of Nature should allow to open the specified secrets.



Disclosing of the secrets of Solar system. From the Unified Theory of Nature (look Explosions of stars) follows, that the outer planets – the ether vortexes together with rather small corpuscles – the linkings of microvortexes (Look the Chemical bond) are the younger. The cause of it that they have appeared in the less dense removed from Sun of the part of a mesovortex (of star), that is after the interior. Then such planet, being moved with the condensed mesovortex of ether (look above "Explosions of stars") to the mesovortex kern, i.e. to Sun, was condensed by its planetary Gravitation (look Essence of Gravitation). Together with the planet consolidation it was condensed its own, affluenting in it, the ether vortex, also.  It increased the resistance to the filtering of ether through the bodies – the planet  companions (look "Essence of Gravitation"), that is increased its planetary Gravitation. As a result, in process of the planet approach to the star it sank the companions in herself. By that in an the inner planet of the solar system, which (the planet) is the part of its planetary vortex, during the motion of the planet from periphery of the ether mesovortex (Sun) the pressure of the maternal ether (look "Explosions of stars") was considerably leveled. But as the pressure difference provoked the circumrotatory ether motion (look Stars and Galacsies) in field of Space of the future planet (look "Explosions of stars"), then that specified pressure equalization had effect the deceleration of gyration of the planet about the axis (look also Three riddles of Space). 

Thus, the Unified Theory of Nature has allowed to open the following three secrets of Universe, that specifies not only in its universality, but moreover – on its truth and power. The powerful theory of Nature gives to a man and to mankind the extreme possibilities, including, in effective protection before the coming nearer asteroid Apofis.





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