Universality of the Theory

Shape of Earth, shape of Moon and Merсury perihelion

°Universality of Unified Theory of Nature allows to solve any puzzles of Nature. Here three of them.

Why the Merсury perihelion is biased? It is known that Mercury perihelion is biased on sign of rotation of Sun (0,16° for 100 years). The bias cause is explained by A.Einstein's rather difficult mathematical Theory of Relativity. However this bias can be explained much easier, if to use the Unified Theory of Nature.



From the Unified Тheory (Explosions of stars see) follows, that the planets are under the influence of the inflowing to Sun ether, moving on a converging spiral (the gravitational action, Universal Gravitation see). This lateral action will lead to the flat rotational displacement of an orbit – to  the perihelion bias.

Those planets which are more close to a star (for example, planet Merkury), are in more dense and more flat concerning a surface of a kern of a mesovortex (star) of an ethereous spiral (Stars and galaxies see). From this it follows that Gravitation of Sun will act on the various planets of Sun on a miscellaneous - on the proximate (Merсury) more strongly, on the long-range is more feeble. That allows to catch a perihelion bias of the proximate to Sun of a planet Merkury, as the most appreciable.

Why shape of Moon is like that?    It is known that shape of Moon is stretched to Earth. The up-to-date science explains it by the tidal forces on E.Rosh, caused by a difference of Gravitation near and far concerning Earth of parts of Moon.

As Moon is retained in an orbit because of equality of attractive force of Moon to Earth to centrifugal force of Inertia of Moon so similarly same equality exists and concerning parts of Moon. On short-range to Earth and long-range parts of Moon act (same on quantity, as well as the forces of Gravitation) centrifugal forces of Inertia guided against forces of Gravitation of Earth. It brings activity of the tidal forces extending Moon to naught.

According to the Unified Тheory ("Explosions of stars' see above and Lunar tides see) the ether motion through Moon to Earth extends Moon because of the acceleration and the seal within Moon of the transit (concerning Moon) converging jets of ether at the inhibiting action of Moon by its Inertia.

Shape of Earth is dilated on equator. It is known that Earth on equator is dilated. It is considered that this strain is called by the centrifugal forces Inertia concerning the daily gyration of Earth.


Here, unlike item about Moon, the tidal forces (inside Earth) are ignored. That is in the two identical requirements are considered the different operating forces.

According to the Unified Тheory of Nature, shape of Earth is extended by the motion through it of a transit ether in the direction to Sun (see analogy with Moon, taking into account the daily gyration of Earth).


Thus, the cause of bias of a Mercury perihelion and also the oblongness of shape of Moon to Earth and the extended shape of Earth on equator has a talk unified positions – on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature.










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