Universality of the Theory

How the Special Theory of Relativity was mistaken?

In reply to the surprising A.Majkelson-E.Morli's experience H.Lorentz has published not the less surprising Transformations, which explained the resalts of these experience very beautifully. These Transformations have fascinated A.Ejnshtejn and have led him to making of Special Theory of Relativity, which have deafened the scientific world. 

The specified experiment has found out, that light speed at a surface of Earth in the direction «the north - the south» is equal to light speed in the direction «the east - the west». It has been ascertained, that light speed is the constant and does not depend on a direction in Space and from a motion of an observer.   Having taken these fundamental statements as a principle of the Special Theory of Relativity, A.Ejnshtejn has come to the conclusion, that at high speeds of motion of an object, close to the light speed, the sizes of the object change, the fluxion of Time for the object changes, the object mass changes.

However in the Special Theory of Relativity the light – not known what (because of the dualities of its explanation). What it is spread in – is not known, how it is spread in the anything (in an vacuum) – it is not known. Hence the fundamental standings of Special Theory of Relativity  are incorrect, and its deductions about changes of the sizes of a body, its masses and Time are not proved.

Contrary to the Special Theory of Relativity the Unified Theory of Nature, using its universality, explains the specified experience without difficulties and without heavy aftereffects for physics. In the Unified Theory of Nature it is erected, that sizes and object mass at any possible velocities of its motion do not change, and Time – the false co-ordinate of a motion (The Time Machin secret see).  According to Unified Тheory of Nature (What proves experiment of A.Michelson? see) the similarity of light speed of two indicated directions about the surface of Earth speaks, that the spread in ether (Secrets of the light speed see) light wave moves in the identical requirements in the viewed cases. Ether in the direction of the sending of a ray of light is equally immobile, concerning the observer, since about the surface of Earth (in the zone of a motion of a light ray) ether inflows to Earth practically vertically (fig. 38 б see). Accordingly, transformations from one inertial system to the another should be executed taking into account the material medium presence, in which the light wave spread, i.e. ether (Space vacuum is not present see), the various light speed in various places of Space (Everywhere-whether in Universe the light speed is constant ? see) and the dependence of light speed on a light source motion (Influence of flow of a space ether see). 

Why light speed – the greatest possible travelling speed in Nature? The up-to-date science does not know, why it is impossible to exceed the light speed.

From Unified Тheory of Nature follows, the light speed is caused by processes at the very elementary level in ether. It is caused by the microoverflows of ether from one microzone in the second (What is the light speed? see). This overflow is the most prompt in Nature motion, since all other motions have Inertia because of Inertia of each microvortex, entering in all other motions. At the indicated level are not present of microvortexes, so, there is no of Inertia (Ether and its physical properties,  The essence of Inertia Consequence 4 see).

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