Universality of the Theory

Superconductivity without a quantum mechanics

Superconductivity one of the most difficult phenomena in a solid state physics. Its explanation, as well as the magnetic streamlining of atoms of a ferromagnetic, became possible only with a Quantum Mechanics birth. It is considered, that here without a Quantum Mechanics it is impossible to be bypassed.

However it is necessary to note, that in a Quantum Mechanics there is variety of the puzzles, specifying  on inuniversality of it. These are a wave-particle dualism, V.Gejzenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty, a barrier effect, a multiplicity of a charge of a corpuscle, secret of the relativistic mass, secret of an electrical charge, secret neutrino, secrets of an origin of protons, neutrons, electrons, secrets of a spin of an electron and many other things. These puzzles have not been solved also by the quantum field theory.

Many of the specified puzzles are opened by the Unified Theory of Nature (look above). We will open the new, specified in the beginning of the paper, puzzles. 

A quantum. A.Ejnshtejn in 1905 has entered into physics the concept «an uptake quantum», and several years earlier M.Planck has entered the concept «a radiation quantum». The physical essence of a quantum not established till now. The cause of quantum properties of light is not erected also. As a result the Quantum Mechanics in the course of its existence was charged with the paradoxes, which number grew. These paradoxes are assigned to Nature and are considered as its properties, reflected in laws of Quantum Меchanics: V.Gejzenberg's Principle of Uncertainty, R.Fejnman’s principle of multiplicity of prehistories, etc. In Quantum mechanics erected the representation, that about an electron there should be no any representation: anelectron trajectory no, itself electron is not present, and it "is smeared" about an atom kern.

Unified Тheory of Nature finds out, that an electron and its trajectory exist (The microvortex is an electron and The trajectory in Nature  see). For an explanation of properties of light it is possible to be bypassed and without the concept of a quantum on the basis of essence of Space and Substance (Working out of the Unified Theory see), in particular, on the basis of the essence of electromagnetic waves (How  arise an electromagnetic wave see). As to the uncertainty, which has created so much difficulties in a science, then about it there was F.Bekon's prevention even in the beginning of 17 centuries (The space vacuum - how it to solve? last paragraph see).

Magnetic domains. It is known, that the body magnetic field is caused by formation in a body of the special domain structure. However the nature and structure of the domain are unknown.

According to Unified Тheory of Nature a domain in a magnetised body – the local group of equally polarised at the magnetisation of a body of microvortexes (of the electrons), which are pumping over in one local direction the transit ether (What is the magnetic field? and  Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia see). The transit jets of  ether of all domains of a body it is integrated in one interior flow, which from the outside of a body is closed in the found out "magnetic field".

Superconductivity. It is known, that the superconductivity of materials is displayed at low temperatures. The return of the material to a usual state occurs at temperature rise and at action of the strong magnetic field. The essence of superconductivity is insufficiently clear, including because of uncertainty of essence of a magnetic field.

On Unified Тheory of Nature at low temperatures there are requirements for exception of development of property of a microvortex as a pump of a transit ether (The microvortex pump see), because of formation of the circuital dual pump of a pair of microvortexes (of electrons). Then the electron together with it’s the partner (The body temperature fall see) at a motion along a conductor loses the ability of the regular pushing away and suction to the elements of a solid body (the crystal lattice), i.e. does not transmit the impulse – the flow of microvortexes (the electrons) does not display the viscosity.

The strong magnetic field – the flow of ether ("What is the magnetic field?" and "Magnet, Gravitation and Inertia" see above) polarises the each microvortex – the electron of the pair, according to the direction of fluxion of the ether, destroying the formed intercommunication of the pair (Body magnetization and fig. 22 a see) – the superconductivity disappears.

The body temperature rise – the  magnification of forward speed of the bound pairs of microvortexes leads to collidings in a body and to the fracture of communications in the pairs of microvortexes – the material is returned in a usual state.

Thus, universality of Unified Theory of Nature has allowed to give the simple explanations of the phenomena, seeming in  Quantum Mechanics  very much difficult.





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