Universality of the Theory

Magnetic field of Moon is solved

Variety of puzzles (look Lunar tides and Why Moon is extended to Earth see) is related to a Moon. Besides it is known that Moon practically has not of a magnetic field (the intensity of it is less, than 4 ∙ 10-5 Ersted). The explanation to the lack of the magnetic field is not present.

Why the magnetic field does not exist? From Unified Тheory of Nature the following streams. The magnetic field of Moon can exist only as a result of flowing to Moon of jets of a mesovortex of ether (Magnetic field of Earth see). Only in this case it is possible the mutually ranked orientation of microvortexes (i.e. the polarisation of electrons) and the making into Moon the flow of ether (condensed by the multiple-stage microvortex pump), which is closed from the outside of Moon, i.e. forms the exterior magnetic field.

It is known, Moon has no of own rotation. The fact indicates (Three riddles of Space see) to the absence of own mesovortex of ether round it. From here streams the absence of the exterior magnetic field.

Ether, affluenting in Moon from all its sides radially, causes only Gravitation (Essence of Gravitation see) on Moon without the mutual ordering of microvortexes (of electrons). Planes of the microvortexes in these requirements are ranked parallel to the affluenting jets, but will not mutually complanar.

Ether traffic flow through Moon to Earth causes the Gravitation of Moon concerning Earth ("Lunar tides" see above). The traffic will not lead to the mutual order of planes of microvortexes (electrons) also. It streams from that the filtrational - gravitational pressure ("Essence of Gravitation" see above) of the transit ether is already realized in the free motion of Moon concerning Earth. Same it is observed at the motion of Earth about Sun ("Magnetic field of Earth" see above).

Thus, the Unified Theory of Nature has solved  the puzzle of magnetic field of Moon.



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