Universality of the Theory

Sun magnetic field and Unified Theory of Nature



Our wonderful life on Earth is given to us by our fine Sun. And what we know about it? It is not enough. But it is necessary to know all. After all, it is the closest to us the star. If we will know everything about it, we will live on the Earth very long. Moreover, in the near future we will dare to plan about space travelings to other stars. And it so is tempting! After all, then we can live perpetually, moving from one places, inconvenient for life of a man, in other the fine places. What we yet do not know about our tender Sun? What secrets it hides still? (see also Solar activity).


In the up-to-date theory of a magnetic field of Sun it is considered, that the solar wind carries away with itself to interplanetary medium the «ice-bounded» in it the coronel Sun magnetic field. Science speaks this concept rather unpersuasively (look, for example [47, page 105 … 108]. 

 It is authentically erected, that the force lines of magnetic field of Sun have the shape of spiral of Archimedes, but the explanation of this fact also is unpersuasive. 

- Why the substance in a solar wind leaks with acceleration? Why the sun magnetic field changes a sign periodically?

- Silence … 

 It is erected that the equatorial current stratum of the magnetic field of Sun has the sector structure with changing of lines of force in the next sectors with the direct on the return. Why so occurs?

- Silence …

Let's use the Unified Theory of Nature. After all it rescued us not once. By that the difficulties were very diverse  (Universality of the Theory see).

At first we will solve a problem about the differential angular speed of gyration of Sun. It is known, that the angular speed of gyration of Sun has the differential character. By that the angular speed is decreased at a motion of an observer from equator to poles. An explanation are not present to it.

As on Unified Тheory of Nature the star Sun – the ether mesovortex, then the ratation speed of equatorial field of this vortex should be the greatest, and in the process of removal from equator this velocity should decrease (Formation of stars see).

Solution of the secrets  of the sun magnetic field. It is erected in the Unified Тheory of Nature that because of the mutual counter-rotating of the next lateral stratums of a shell of a mesovortex – of star (here of Sun) there is polarisation of the microvortexes – of electrons in this field (Electrization of bodies by the friction see). But as the gyration on equator is more prompt (see above), then the polarisation occurs that, two magnetic dipoles are formed at Sun (What is the magnetic field see). In northern geographical hemisphere one, in southern the second. By that, on Sun equator two magnetic poles adjoin: the southern  - from the northern hemisphere and the northern - from the southern hemisphere. Accordingly, on two geographical poles of Sun are placed the northern magnetic pole and the southern. 

From this it follows, that at the precession of the magnetic axis of Sun *, Earth falls periodically now in field of the northern magnetic pole of Sun, now in field of the southern. It leads to hit of Earth now in the flow of ether, streaming from Sun, now in the affluenting, that is exteriorly perceived as the change of a sign of the one-dipole magnetic field of Sun.

As in the field of Sun equator two opposite magnetic poles adjoin, then this field is the unstedy ([27] and Why magnets are repelled?) see).  From here  the periodicity of structure arises with the dynamic infiltration of streams of ether of one direction (the magnetic field of one sign) into the next zone with the opposite direction (the sign). The equatorial plane, dissecting  this field, dissects now the zone of streams of ether affluenting in Sun, now the streaming out (the sectors with the change of signs of the magnetic lines of force) 

The ether flow (the sun magnetic field) transfers and races (i.e. accelerates) the ether microvortexes (electrons and protons), and at the expense of a viscous friction in ether – all other population of a solar wind. By that the flow of ether (magnetic field) in the zone of Sun pole gains the gyration about itself longitudinal axis (What creates Earth's magnetic field? see), that gives Archimed’s spiral in a cross-section. 

Here now, having learnt so much the new, we became much closer to the dream - to fly to other stars.


* The precession here exists for the same reason, as on Earth (What creates Earth's magnetic field? see above).



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