Universality of the Theory

Сrab nebula and supernova explosions

Recently on heads of scientists rather mysterious the secret has dropped. This secret wrecks even the most settled representations about life and death of stars. It is detected the supernova IPTF14hls, which blew up some times.The dead star dies again? What nonsense! Scientists of the Californian University admit, that similar recurring explosions of a supernova it would be possible to expect during the early Universe, instead of the present. The data about the supernova IPTF14hls contradicts not only to the modern representations about supernovas, but also to all Theory of Origin of Universe. We will open this and other secrets of supernovas. 

The interesting object of Universe is Crab nebula. Its shape for some reason does not match to the known spherical shape of a star. Besides, it is interesting to that it is a consequence of the supernova explosion, which store till now in itself secrets. One of such secrets is cause of explosion of a supernova. Till now the cause is not erected definitively. Therefore the parent term both as a thermonuclear reaction, and a gravitational collapse of the star. Explosion aftereffects store in themselves puzzles also. 

So, it is not known, why at smaller mass of the star its remainder after explosion should be a neutron star, but at the greater – a black holeWhere do neutrons come from? Why at observed Crab nebula at the standard initial spherical symmetry of a star the ordered structure with a rotational symmetry (look a picture) was formed? Is not it an explosion of a supernova leads to its death

Detected recently the supernova IPTF14hls has brought the additional puzzles. It for a some reason could blow up some times. 


The specified secrets and puzzles rather essentially impede advance of the person in Universe knowledge. We will try to open them, using the Unified Theory of Nature (look Working out of the Unified Theory).

According to the Unified Theory the first explosion of a supernova originates on one of oscillation phases of density of ether in "honeycombs" of Universe. These oscillations in Universe are long-period (look Gravity and Universe). From this it follows that such explosions in certain field of Universe can occur only through rather long-term periods. In the mentioned oscillation phase of Universe in the field of the future star there is the long-term accumulation of ether (look "winding" of ether). For these parents the first explosions of supernovas happen extremely seldom. Cause of the explosion, as it is erected by the Unified Theory,  will be not  a nuclear reaction and not a gravitational collapse, but infringement of stability of vortex motion of ether, as a result of its accumulation in the field of the star (look Pressure growth).

One of the bases of the Unified Theory of Nature is 2 fundamental property of World: all in World moves - changes. From here streams that after the first explosion of supernova will be not her death, but the next changes of the rest of the star. By that from the Unified Theory follows, that the new changes, leading to the recurring explosion of the star, can be absolutely not accessible to our observations. This can lead observers to the erroneous inference about death of the star.

So under the Unified Theory in neighbourhoods of the rest of the star, besides gas or the celestial bodies, generated after explosion (A planet - the clot of a shell of the star see), always there is maternal ether. Then the visible objects, which have originated after explosion, will move by Inertia, moving away from the place of the explosion. Simultaneously the streams of the maternal ether, not accessible to observation, will prolong former (before explosion, see above "Pressure growth") the motion to the rest (kern) of the supernova. These streams will inevitably give the star through small (in comparison with the long-term continuance specified above) a time in recurring explosion. Here again not Gravy (look above) will be the parent of the recurring explosion.  

From the Unified Theory follows that the black hole is not a consequence of explosion of a supernova. It is visible already from this, that a black hole, being a star, cannot be a kern of the whole Galactic of stars. In the Unified Theory it is erected, that a black hole is formed absolutely differently (look a Black hole – an ether vortex).

Besides, the Unified Theory opens the termed above secrets of birth of a neutron star and its neutrons. At explosion of a supernova the neutron star can really be formed. By that the Unified Theory is erected, that  the following phase of the neutron star can be the full it annihilation (look Gamma-splashs). This phase of the star is its true death (instead of explosion supernova, as it is considered).

Crab nebula, presented above on the photo, completely matches to the mechanism of origination and life of stars, erected by the Unified Theory. On the photo the residual attributes of the star, featured in the Uniform Theory, are accurately visible. These are the rests of the vortex formation of a star from maternal ether, and the axisymmetric emission from this flat vortex (look Formation of galaxies and starsThe gear of occurrence of explosions).  


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