Universality of the Theory

Birth of the star MWC 758



The press reported that astronomers, studying the star MWC 758, faced a number of mysteries. It is established this is a young star. But it was found that the star is surrounded by material formation. This formation on the outer outline looks like  to a disk. The internal structure of the disk has a mysterious structure. Inside the disk is a cavity. The disk has two spiral arms. 

It has been suggested that the two arms of the disk are density waves arising from the presence of two planets near the star that have a significant mass. It is believed that one of these planets is closer to the star, the second is further. It is assumed that the near planet forms the internal cavity in the disk. It is also assumed that the more distant planet forms this spiral with two arms. In addition, this planet forms a dark ring between clots of dust outside the disk. It is believed that the disk emits dust.

However, what organized the material structure, is not reported. How it arose, it is not known. It originated before the formation of the star or after - it is not known. Why the structure, surrounding the star, has the shape of a disk is not known. Why the movement of the planet formed the cavity - not known. Why the supposed inner planet moves strictly in a circular orbit - it is not known. Why there should be waves     when the planet moves, it is not known. What is the source of the dust is not known. Let's try to solve these puzzles on the basis of the nonsinglely confirmed  ability of the Unified Theory of Nature.

In accordance with the Unified Theory in the initial stage of equalization of the dissimilarity in the ether density (Space and Worldsubstance see) only one dissimilarity  can always be caused by the ether motion: a reduced ether density in one mesoregion of Universe (Formation of stars see). Then the current of the ether inevitably goes radially, symmetrically relative to the named area. The radial direction of the flow can have a protracted character, which happens extremely rarely (Formation of stars see above). As a resalt of the protracted character of this flow and its convergence, a zone of condensation of ether and dust forms. Due to the radial nature of this flow, the compacted zone will be circular. This is the cause of the formation of a spherically symmetric outer dust ring. Immediately after its formation, the radial velocity of its movement will be inhibited, due to the mutual friction of the dust. Then the flow of radially convergent ether breaks off from the formed dust ring. In this case, the unevenness in the above-mentioned central mesoregion of the Universe remains. Accordingly, the further flow of the ether into the indicated mesoregion will continue. In the indicated mesoregion, there will actually be another (local) dissimilarity ("Formation of stars" see above). 

This dissimilarity inevitably leads to the formation of a mesovortex of condensing ether jets. The attribute of this mesovortex will be spiral "sleeves", the nature of which, as can be seen from the above, has nothing to do with wave processes. The core of this compaction ("Formation of stars" see above) is an etheric torus - the star. From the above it can be seen that the outlines of this formation are closest to the disk (About an ellipsoid and a plane see). Correspondingly, the inner zone of the torus is a cavity, which has the form of a circle. 

Thus, the Unified Theory made it possible to reveal the mystery of birth of the MWC 758 star. It was established that the material structure near the star was first organized by the radial and then the vortex flow of ether to the region of Universe with a reduced ether density. This structure does not emits dust, but is formed as a result of the compaction of dust and ether. It can be seen from the above that the outer part of this structure was formed before the appearance of the star, and the inner part simultaneously with the star. 

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