Universality of the Theory

Solar sail – illusion

The dream of a solar sail fascinates man. It is based on the existence of the concept of pressure of sunlight on a solid surface. The idea of a solar sail was first proposed in 1920 by F. Zander shortly after the experiments of P. Lebedev. These experiments convinced the scientific community of the existence of the pressure of light suggested  by I. Kepler and mathematically confirmed by J. Maxwell. 

Since then, the idea of a solar sail has captured the advanced people and has not left them to date. In the present days in different countries, attempts are being made to create a solar sail, with the help of which one could fly into space distances. These are the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Canada, Italy, Japan, China, and other progressive countries. What solutions were not offered!  However, all attempts failed.

How much hard work and what kind of people !? After all, this is occupied by the minds of the most   talented people on the planet. And if an error? And if the error is at the very beginning of the way - in the very concept of light pressure? How many losses ?! After all, during this time, how far could humanity go on another, not so clouded road!

Until now in the very essence of the light there is so much unknown! What is it? Is it a stream of particles or the movement of waves? After all, there are simultaneously two concepts of light, one of which is used to explain some phenomena, the other for others. Engineering practice differs significantly from the theory that it can only go on one road. Practitioners - the creators of the solar sail have to go on two roads at once. So the legs can be broken.

Try to go one way? And on what? If the light is a stream of particles, then the flight with the help of a solar sail, as if, is realizable. But the corpuscular essence of light is refuted by the experiments of T. Jung. If light is electromagnetic waves, flight is also impossible. This clearly follows from the fact that transverse light waves, in principle, cannot press on the transverse barrier on their way - on the sail. It is interesting the longitudinal sound waves, as if, press on a hard surface. After all, the pressure of longitudinal sound waves on membranes is well known! Maybe correct O. Fresel? But how?

No matter how complicated the apologists of light pressure may explain this pressure, it will not be. Moreover, the sound pressure does not exist. The so-called sound pressure is not a one-sided impact on the surface - read physics very carefully. Or try creating a sound sail. He's not, like the solar sail.

Of course, the theorists of the solar sail, in order to preserve their reputation, can take advantage of the fact that there is a stream of elementary particles and ions in the sunlight. But after all, these are particles not of light - not supposed photons, but completely different particles. Their flow may affect the sail, but this sail will be completely different in design and functionality than in the dreams of a solar sail.

The solar sailor theorists have a good loophole here. If a spacecraft with a sail flies in space, then we can say that this is the action of sunlight and continue to create dark matter around itself. Reports that a solar sail operating at the pressure of sunlight is somewhere launched into space are erroneous or false. In all these cases, the light pressure is not used. Under the guise of a solar sail can be used similar to it externally solar panels. The reactive principle of movement may also be disguised, but authors and performers will try not to emphasize either their own or others' attention to this.

The essence of light is revealed in the Unified Theory of Nature (Electromagnetic waves, speed of light,  paradoxes of pressure of light see). From it follows the fallacy of the existing concept of light pressure. It is possible to fly in the Universe, but not on the illusory pressure of sunlight, but on the basis of disclosing the secret of Gravity (Gravitation is not attraction see).


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