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In an article of the site (Magnetic field of Sun see), on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature, a number of secrets of Sun are revealed. This is the secret of various angular velocities of Sun at the poles and the equator. The shape of the magnetic field in the form of an Archimedes spiral. The mystery of the sector structure of the equatorial zone of the magnetic field. However, there are still a number of other secrets that do not give rest to the researchers of Sun.  

There are these secrets. Why the inner layers of Sun rotate faster than the surface? Why the south pole of Sun colder than the north? How arises the magnetism of Sun? How is magnetism spread in plasma causing sunspots? What raises the solar wind? Why does matter fly away from Sun with an increase in speed from zero to n · 103 km / s? Why is the crown hotter than the inner surface of Sun? Why is the wind speed above streamers significantly less than over holes? Why do the flares appear on Sun – short-term emissions of fast electrons and protons with a powerful flux of electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths? The Unified Theory of Nature allows you to unlock these secrets.

Theory it is established that the stars are the mesovortices of the ether, formed during the flow of the maternal ether to the places of Universe, where its density was below the surrounding regions (see Star formation). The speed of the ether current increases as the jets of the ether approach the vortex core (see Explosions of stars). In addition, due to the presence of transverse motion of the ether in the meso-vortex (see "Star formation"), it pumps the cosmic ether through itself. It follows that the south pole of the star will be colder than the north**. This pumped stream is a star's magnetic field (see also What is a magnetic field) - its magnetism. Since the star is a torus vortex (see "Star Formation"), then its poles are areas where there is no compressed winding of the ethereal jets. It follows that the outer neighboring population of the star, which could be destroyed by local explosions, is not brought to the pole area. Accordingly, these areas will be dark - "coronal holes." 

The Unified Theory also establishes (see "Explosions of stars") that hydrogen molecules brought by the maternal ether are destroyed on the sealed vortex of the ether and its constituent ether microvortexes (see What is the charge): electrons, protons unwind. These destructions create zones of local elevated pressure of the ether - pressure waves (see "Explosions of stars"). In this case, the wavelength will be different due to the variety of particles brought to the nucleus, which broke off and spread on the nucleus (see Conditions of coexistence of vortices). From these zones, local concentrated ether pressure drops out from the core arise. 

The resulting discharges lead, firstly, to local high-speed streams of ether to the periphery of the star. On the vertical border of such a stream with the next not set in motion ether, slippage of layers of ether occurs. This leads to the formation of microvortexes: protons and neutrons (see What is a neutron star). Under these conditions, different from a neutron star: vertical boundaries and the impossibility of fast unloading from high pressure, microvortexes (neutrons and protons) come to interlock with each other (see Atomic nucleus structure) and helium formation. Secondly, these local streams of ether polarize external, brought by main gravitating ether stream, the not yet spread microvortexes of hydrogen: protons, electrons (plasma). Local magnetic fields are created ("What is a magnetic field" see). Some of these fields will have a radial direction, and the return will form loops. Thirdly, radially from the core, the filtering local ether streams create local reverse Gravity (look Gravitation is not an attraction). As a result, these local streams of ether raise the plasma only to a certain height, since the main Gravity of the star is directed towards them. The plasma stops, spreads to the periphery of each local stream, and wraps back to the star core (granulation).

These single pressure waves in the ether have all the attributes of electromagnetic waves (What is electromagnetic waves and Secrets of the light speed see). Then, born on the surface of the nucleus and passing through local plasma flows (granules), these shock waves separate from the main mass of the indicated plasma flows and begin their high-speed movement with the leftovers of the plasma to the periphery of the star. There is a solar wind.

Accordingly, due to the realization of the pressure of local explosions in the motion of a rarefied plasma, its temperature over the remaining plasma drops sharply. A dark spot appears on the surface of the star. If the power of the local explosion on the nucleus is significant, then the emission of plasma will be substantially greater - a flash occurs.

With further radial motion of the pressure wave, the plasma carried by the wave, being subjected to counter-gravity (see "Gravitation is not an attraction"), flows down from the wave front to the neighboring areas. The mass of the plasma decreases - the speed of the wave and the velocity of the remaining particles carried by it increases, tending as it moves away from the surface of the star to the speed of light "C". An increase in the velocity of each plasma particle means an increase in the temperature of the indicated rarefied plasma. The crown becomes hotter than the surface of the star.

In the equatorial region of the mesovortex - the stars (where streamers exist) the plasma layer will be significantly larger (see "Star Formation"). Then, in the equator region, the wave loses more pressure, than in the region closer to the pole (where holes form). From this it follows that in the pole region the wind speed will be significantly greater than in the equator region. 


  * Still a number of secrets are revealed in the article Sun Magnetic Field and Unified Theory of Nature.

  ** There is absolutely the same reason on Earth. 


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