Universality of the Theory

World Creation, Uncertainty and the Unified Theory of Nature


                                                                                                                  Devote to Stephen Hawking 



Stephen Hawking in his book “The Great Design” indicates that it is not necessary to turn to God for the Universe to appear and, since there is a law, such as Gravity, the Universe will create itself out of nothing. He says that spontaneous occurrence is the reason why there is something and not nothing, why the Universe exists and why we exist. At the same time, it is pointed out that only the creation of the Theory of Everything will allow us to explain how the world is arranged and where it came from. This, still unfinished, Theory is now called the M-theory. It is indicated that, according to M-Theory, our Universe is not the only one, but many universes originated from nothing.   

However, the author of the Human Genome project, Francis Collins, in his book "Language of God", states a fundamentally different story. He says that the presence of uncertainty in quantum mechanics makes the world around us unpredictable in its development and completely incomprehensible. He believes that God definitely controls the processes of the universe, but these methods are elusive for modern scientists.   

What are the essential contradictions between these statements! And what about each of the authors with internal contradictions in the statements themselves? Is everything in these statements harmonious with Nature? Are the foundations of their theories strong? Only the Unified Theory of Nature can answer these questions.

The statements of Stephen Hawking and Francis Collins about World Сreation are confused. So, in them there is an implicit mixture of concepts: “Formation of the Universe” and “Formation of objects of the Universe”, which are stars, galaxies, protons, neutrons. These are radically different concepts. When a person talks about the formation of the Universe, he always means its creation - the Creation of the World. Here in the human mind there is always an idea that there was nothing, and then something appeared. This idea of the World Creation occupies a very unconvincing position in science. From ancient times, mankind has always been convinced that something cannot arise out of nothing. Modern creators of new theories tirelessly try to destroy the powerful foundations of Nature - conservation laws, confirmed by the whole life of mankind.

The formation of stars and galaxies is not the World Creation. Their formation can occur even without the World Creation through the transformations of matter. How this happens is established by the Unified Theory of Nature (see Galaxies - how they have originated?). Аt the same time, there are no contradictions with the foundations of modern science. None!  It is enough to understand that something can exist without a beginning (Space oscilation of movements see), which in all cases and most of all mathematicians love (see The meaning of Space and Time is wrong). The beginning is necessary for mathematicians. It is impossible to solve a mathematical problem without initial conditions. This is one of the vices of “immaculate mathematics” - an insidious friend of physics (see The Unified Theory, Gravity, Space and Time). In addition, creation and birth are so  attractively habituall to us that we don’t want to accept anything else. However, it is very dangerous to judge the World around us by our habits - such an experience is filled with the deep sorrow of Mankind. 

Stephen Hawking's use of the phrase “Since there is a law  such as gravity” ("Contradictions of modern theories about the origin of the World" see above) is illegal. Firstly, because, starting from Isaac Newton and up to now, modern science has not established what the essence of Gravity is. None of the Greats knew this and does not know. Otherwise, we would have flown on anti-gravity vehicles. No matter how much the applicants praised their universal theories, none of them grabbed even a feather from the tail of a beautiful firebird named Gravity. Then hów can it be argued that the Universe is created by Gravity? !!! Thus, the use of the unknown as the basis for the approval of the new is illegal

Secondly. And if this mysterious Gravity is not omnipresent? !!! After all, none of the authors of the theories has proved its ubiquity. Then hów is the Universe created where there is no Gravity ?! The Unified Theory of Nature confirms just the omnipresence of Gravity (see What is Gravity? ). 

Thirdly. And if, in addition to gravitational, there are non-gravitational mechanisms of the formation of space objects in Nature ?! If other mechanisms are not established by the authors of the theories, this does not mean that they do not exist (see Consequence 2. "Galaxies - how they have originated?"). Then it cannot be argued that the Universe was created just by Gravity. 

Stephen Hawking’s second statement about spontaneous occurrence as the reason for the existence of the Universe is already contradictory within itself. Forgive me Stephen, but Spontaneous is causeless !!!

Referring to the M-theory, Stephen Hawking further claims that there are many universes. This statement contradicts the oneself concept of the universe. After all, the Universe is everything. So hów can one talk about at least several Universes, and even more so, about the multitude of what is immeasurable - about the All? !!  Here is a clear mathematical error.

Francis Collins, unlike Stephen Hawking, does not believe in the possibility of creating an all-powerful Theory of Everything. He explains this by the existence of Uncertainty in the World, which is one of the foundations of quantum mechanics. The omnipotence of God and the humility of the Earthling before the secrets of Nature are affirmed. 

The objection of Francis Collins to Stephen Hawking, based on the existence of uncertainty, requires consideration of the concept of uncertainty. Does she even exist in Nature? I have to agree - yes, but not at all the one that Werner Heisenberg introduced into quantum mechanics (see Gejzenberg's Uncertainty and Quantum Mechanics and The Unified Theory exposes the Uncertainty). Nature is uncertain, but in well-defined cases, for example, in a collision of ether flows (see "Galaxies - how they have originated?"). The location of the formation of the galaxy is uncertain, the location of the formation of the star is uncertain. The direction of rotation of a future galaxy is uncertain, the direction of rotation of an autonomous star outside the galaxy (see Spacecraft annihilation). It follows that the formation of matter and antimatter is also uncertain (see Antiparticles and theirs secrets). 

Certainty in Nature appears only after the formation of a galaxy, a star (see "Galaxies - how they have originated?"). In this phase, after the indicated beginning, a certain transverse rotation of the ether in a vortex occurs. In one direction of ether rotation there is definitely matter, while in the other - definitely antimatter (see "Antiparticles and theirs secrets"). And no mystical Creator of Certainty - no confusion!  If we assume that the Creator created the World, then the World would be only definite, but for some reason the World does not obey the Creator !!!. There are so many random phenomena and processes in the World that the Creator could create only in the absence of reason. But the Creator without reason is nonsense!

Thus, modern science suggests either trying to build an omnipotent theory on a weak foundation, or don't dare to try to penetrate the secrets of Nature. Here on the site is the Unified Theory of Nature (see Working out of the Unified Theory), which is built on a solid foundation (see above "The Unified Theory, Gravitation, Space and Time"). The theory does not contradict well-known laws and in a unified way explains the most diverse phenomena of Nature and the properties of the Material World, including the appearance of man (see The Unified Theory opens secret of Life). This Theory is supported by 140 examples of its application (see Universality of the Theory, Prevention of the catastrophes). In addition, it has been confirmed by a number of simple, and therefore reproducible, experiments (see The Theory and Experiments). Trying to be honest to the end, the author offered the reader 30 predictions. (Neither 2, nor 3, and not even 5, but 30 (!). Think - what is the author’s courage based on?). These predictions are direct consequences of this Theory (see Predictions of the Theory) and are available for execution.

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