Universality of the Theory

Big Bang, the Unified Theory and Symmetry

I dedicate to Fred Hoyle


The article will discuss the Big Bang. The world famous British astronomer Fred Hoyle has the phrase: «This idea of the Big Bang seems to me completely unsatisfactory». Nevertheless, at present, the concept of the Big Bang remains the foundation for modern physical theories, explaining a number of discovered natural phenomena, and also constructing derivatives of physical concepts. This is the Theory of the Expanding Universe of A. Fridman, and the Red Shift of E. Hubble, and the Relic Radiation of G. Gamow, and Dark Matter of F. Zwicky, and much more. It’s as if a convenient building of physics is being built and as if beautiful. However, the assurances of the proponents of the Big Bang concept of the solid foundation of this building are not very convincing. 

So, modern scientists say that the Universe should not exist due to the complete symmetry of matter and antimatter. «There must be an asymmetry somewhere, but we just don’t understand where exactly. What breaks the symmetry, what is the source?» say the famous German explorer Christian Smorra. It is impossible to explain how matter was formed at an early stage of the origin of the Universe. Protons and antiprotons should mutually annihilate, which means that the Universe would not have arisen. 

An unpleasant situation has arisen in physics, since experiments to search for the differences between a proton and an antiproton clearly contradict the Big Bang Theory. To get out of an unpleasant situation, the major forces of the scientific world are involved in the search for at least some differences between a proton and an antiproton. Many high-precision experiments are conducted to compare the magnetic properties of the proton and antiproton. The accuracy of the g-factor measurement was reduced to nine-digit fraction, but no differences were found. It is reported that now scientists are in search of even more high-precision methods for measuring the g-factor of proton and antiproton. 

Analysis of the situation on the basis of the Unified Theory of Nature reveals significant errors in the search for a solution to the problem. It is said: «There must be an asymmetry somewhere» (see above). But you can ask the question: What if this «somewhere» in the Space will be on the border of Symmetry with Asymmetry? Or will these areas of Space not be in contact? And then what is between these areas - neither Symmetry, nor Asymmetry? What? Unknown. Or nothing? But if nothing, then these concepts do work not everywhere, that is, they are not fundamental. Here the inevitable mathematical consequence follows: either symmetry is not the basis of the World, or the Big Bang is an error, or both Symmetry and the Big Bang are wrong. The Unified Theory establishes that the dissimilarity of Material Space is close to the mathematical concept of symmetry, but differing in its naturalness and universality (see The Unified Theory, Gravitation, Space and Time,   Space and World). This is the first. 

Secondly. It is reported that since no differences were found, the Standard Model of Particle Physics is true. It follows that if differences are found, then the Standard Model will be downloaded. Here we see the subjective interest of supporters of the Standard Model in not detecting the differences between the proton and antiproton. 

Thirdly. It is a mistake to look for the differences between a proton and an antiproton from a qualitative definition of the very concepts of proton and antiproton. The task of this search is similar to the erroneous task of finding the exact value of the number "π". These futile searches continue to this day. However, the solution lies in the incorrect statement of the problem. The diameter has qualitative differences from the circle. Accordingly, the line will never coincide with the curve! Similarly, the search for differences between a proton and an antiproton is doomed to failure. In addition, this failure follows from the fundamental properties of the maternal ether and the mechanisms of the formation of stars, galaxies, protons and antiprotons from it (see Ether and its physical properties, Galaxies - how they have originated?, What is charge and magnetic field, Formation of torus microvortices). 

Fourth. Since contradictions arise between the existing theory of the Big Bang and actually discovered particles of Matter, the theory of the Big Bang itself is obviously incorrect. Its infidelity is proved in the Unified Theory of Nature (see Big Bang did not exist). At the same time, the experimentally discovered phenomena: «Red shift» and «Relic radiation» are explained in the Unified Theory also without the concept of the Big Bang. The true processes that lead to the indicated phenomena of Displacement and Radiation are described in the Unified Theory (see Red shift - its secrets, Relic Radiation). The explanation of these processes, unlike the Big Bang Theory, does not give rise to any contradictions to modern experiments.

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