Universality of the Theory

Uncertainty principle and its defects

In Chaos do not search for true since true it that is correct, and is correct that is ranked. Namely in order it is possible to distinguish one from another, each of which is unique - truly. 



When there was a thermodynamics, its triumphal procession has begun. There were thermal cars: drives, generators. Their bottom - thermodynamics laws. It has led to a failure of human thought from attempts of the complicated representation about an atomism of material mediums. However there was a small trouble – entropy. Entropy – a degree of uncertainty of system. Mind of any person is settled on the definiteness, but here is the uncertainty. Nevertheless engines and generators reached the increasing perfection and the thermodynamics prolonged the triumphal driving.   

However there were also very serious difficulties. So, afterwards atomic reactors blew up because of very slow operation of heat exchangers of the cooling systems, working on the basis of laws of thermodynamics. Besides the fluid cavitation annoyed more and more. It destroyed any materials. Triumphal procession of thermal  cars stumbled, when in their cooling systems there was the cavitation erosion. Especially it was essential in the strategically important objects – space  kettles. Theorists of  cavitation eveloped the theory of  cavitation of a fluid on the same bottoms on which there is a thermodynamics also. That is a fluid – the practically continuous medium, in which atoms move chaotically, i.e. individually indefinite fashion. This uncertainty troubleed nobody, since it was not considered the cause of dangerous accidents. Cavitation remained invincible. It as tore all materials, so tears, and disasters at nuclear reactors began to become more frequent.  

In addition to the uncertainty in thermodynamic processes, another dangerous uncertainty has arisen - in an even deeper microcosm - the world of elementary particles. 

Approximately in 70 years after origin of thermodynamics at a nuclear physics the daughter a quantum mechanics was born. She has declared the special principles and laws. As well as the thermodynamics, quantum mechanics has victoriously moved forward. There were quantum generators, many previously unsolved problems were solved.

However there were serious difficulties more and more:barrier effect, dualism of fundamental particles, secrets of a neutrino, secret of a spin and many other things. And here in these attempts the quantum mechanics itself has given birth to the daughter (the grand daughter of  nuclear physics) – c. How, again the uncertainty?! Yes, so. And what? The atomic power stations work, quantum generators work. However, attempts to make through into microSpace – the failure behind the failure. It was necessary to consider that the electron is, but it is not present (?!). It was necessary to consider that exist the virtual, i.e. the imagined – the nonexistent  microparticles (quarks). Also that is surprising, these microparticles have macroproperties: a smell, colour, …?!  Certainly,  very difficult to be transferred from our artificial world of restaurants and art galleries to the physics riddles of real microcosmos.  Therefore the nonexistent (!) uncertainty exists and in thermodynamics, and a quantum mechanics. Here  all attempts to construct the Unified Theory of  World, which have seriously begun already more 100 years ago, also conclude by failures. 

The physics riddle of uncertainty constantly troubleed the author of the present paper. Uncertainty after all is indefinite! So how it is possible to learn degree of uncertainty (Dangerous uncertainty in the microWorld  see), i.e. to measure!? Very long, since 1975, reflexion, observations and performance of experiences have led the author to the solution of  inveterate problems of a cavitation, which as it has appeared, covered, in thermodynamic uncertainty. It has appeared that with warmth it is possible to work not only under thermodynamics laws. The appearance «Heat-mechanical shock in a fluid» (see [45]) was revealed. The mechanism of the cavitation erosion of materials is uncovered. All secrets are removed from a cavitation. The new appearance allows to exclude fracture of materials in the conditions of a cavitation. Moreover, the discovered appearance yields new radiants and expedients of deriving of energy, and also, that is very actual, the expedients of the instant stopping of the gone out from obeying nuclear reactor (Disaster prevention  at the nuclear power plants see).

Author of the present paper from the very beginning of the working on by making of the unified theory has suddenly discovered, that in both sciences: thermodynamics and a quantum mechanics has arisen and there is the same concept – uncertainty. Therefore, creating the Unified Theory, based on non-standard approaches (Unified Theory of Nature, Gravitation, Space and Time see) I all time troubled: «But how the developed Unified Theory will be compounded with the existing in quantum mechanics principle of uncertainty of  V.Gejzenberg ?».  It has appeared, Unified Theory could be constructed without an uncertainty and explains the existing principle simply, clearly and quite definitely (Uncertainty principle see).

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