Universality of the Theory

Neutron - why is its mass greater than the mass of a proton?

Neutron and proton generate many secrets of nuclear interaction . The Unified Theory reveals one of the oldest secrets of nuclear interaction -- the secret of the origin of the almost imperceptible difference between a proton mass and a neutron mass. Everyone knows that this difference is, and why it exists - no one knows.

The mechanism of neutron star formation, established by the Unified Theory, shows that a proton and a neutron are formed under very close, but not identical conditions (see How a neutron star has been organized in the paragraph “Near the nucleus ...”). The compressed ether layers are located in the star’s core in the neighborhood. The layer, in which the proton originated, is located outside the layer, in which the neutron was formed. Accordingly, the difference in the density of ether in these layers will be insignificant, determined by the thickness of the layer, that is, the size of the microvortex (nucleon). These conditions lead to somewhat greater neutron mass than a proton mass. In addition, different conditions for the formation of a proton and a neutron lead to their different internal structure (see above "How a neutron star has been organized").   

Thus, for the first time in science, the secret of the difference between a proton mass and a neutron mass has been revealed and, accordingly, the reason why a proton and a neutron are not twins. Revealing this mystery of Nature provides new opportunities for modern nuclear engineering.  From the above also follows. On the one hand, an explanation of the nature of the difference a proton mass and a neutron mass was obtained on the basis of the Unified Theory. On the other hand, the indicated mass difference is the fact. It follows, that the known in science fact confirms the truth of the mechanism, established by the Unified Theory, for the appearance of protons and neutrons in the Universe (see above "How a neutron star has been organized"). It's all.


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