Universality of the Theory

Information concepts and their shortcomings

                                                                              To  Bruce Dixon (Los Angeles) I dedicate

Тhe application of information in modern life is one of the most common. However, the  information concept is still mysterious. There are many information concepts, but all the concepts are based on a purely phenomenological and purely utilitarian view of information. Information is considered and signals, and data, and knowledge, and ... The polysemy  of information concepts significantly inhibits the development of information science, which is the theoretical basis of computer technology. That is why the information concepts is still a subject of debate among scientists.  

By now only one incontestable truth has been established: information exists and it exists objectively, regardless of our consciousness. It was assumed that the information can be expressed both as a property of an object, and as a result of the interaction of objects. In connection with the established objectivity of the existence of information, many scientists came to the idea that information is an independent substance of the material World. Obviously Norbert Wiener also had such the view. He owns the expression: "Information is not matter and is not energy, information is information." However, the long search for evidence that information is an independent substance of the material World, proved to be unsuccessful.

The presence of a large number of information concepts led of academician N.N. Moiseev to the tragic conclusion for the information concept. He stated that because of the polysemy of the information concept its the strict and sufficiently universal concept can not exist.

Thus, in modern science, a crisis situation arose: information exists objectively and has a clear universality, but it is impossible to give a universal definition of the information concepts.

The analysis of the problem shows that its cause lies, first, in the duality of the initial points on information – Its platform. In modern science, until now it has not been finally decided: information is the property of all physical systems or information is the property of only self-organizing systems. As a result, in science, even the phenomenological view of information turned out to be vague. 

The second cause of the information problem is the unresolved problem of the deep essence of information. Obviously, this task is of fundamental importance for information. To solve it, we will use the Unified Theory of Nature. From the Unified Theory (Working out of the Unified Theory see), the following  streams. Everything in the World changes (1st fundamental property of the World see). Accordingly, the basis of the World - the ether (Mysterious ether and its physical properties see) changes. These are changes in the density of the maternal ether (Electromagnetic waves see), changes in the density of the vortex ether: sound waves, contacts of bodies (Gravitational mass   and Solid body see), changes in microvortex compounds - chemical composition of the substance (Cemical bond  see). Then the information is the changes of the  basis of the material World - changes of ether, as these changes have all the signs of information. This is memory (due to the certainty of the changes in the ether). This is thinking that is the ability to transform one type of information into another (due to the transitions of the changes between the maternal ether, the vortex and the microvortex compounds of the ether). This is the ability to move (due to the wave and convective processes that arise during these changes).

The above definition unites all the information concepts, as well as the types of information that have been accepted by the way of perception (visual, sound, tactile, olfactory, gustatory). This definition also eliminates the existing duality of the information platform. Now you can finally affirm: information is the property of all material sistems. Let's try to apply the established essence of information to one of the "stepdaughters" of modern science - aura.

Aura (or biofield) is the area that surrounds the human body, like a halo. Whatever may be said about the aura, but in modern life one can find its existence. So, the aura manifests itself as a protective shell of a person from the influence of an external information flow or can even possess the conquering information radiation. It can be observed that the object of attacks is always the person who does not have a protective aura. He is defeated, he is defeated, humiliating, mocking, negotiating, charging, crying ... The absence of the shell or its weakness is revealed by the information radiated by you - your appearance: facial expression, posture, movements. Everyone feels this, even dogs, and therefore they do not react at all to some people, but always attack others. To have a protective aura, your appearance should not be fake. This kind is quickly recognized by others. The aura must be born from within, that is, it must have a foundation. What is this foundation?

It follows from the Unified Theory of Nature that the central nervous system (brain) - the system of chemically bound ordered microvortexes of the ether ("chemical bond" see above) - creates the envelope - the aura. It is because of the action of the central nervous system that the presence and strength of the aura is reflected in the expression of the face, posture , movements. According to the Unified Theory (What is the magnetic field? see), in the person. presented with Nature and/or a developed person in the brain many organized ordered internal micro streams of the maternal ether. This organization is carried out due to the local polarization of microvortexes, and hence, the ordering of local magnetic fields. This polarization is carried out due to the stability – Inertia (Space and Life and Inertia as the property see) of the object in the filtration, ordering and binding of external information. The three processes are the essence of strong-willed brain effort. If in the brain – the system of chemically coupled microvortexes ether the local magnetic fields are mutually ordered (the microvortices polarize), then the total internal magnetic field and electromagnetic radiation of the brain are amplified ("What is the magnetic field" and  "Electromagnetic waves" see above).  This is the mentioned above the aura foundation. In addition, the internal magnetic field of the brain polarizes the microvortexes of the neighboring space. An electric field arises (Еlectric field and its essence see) on the surface of the brain and around of it. These fields are the protective shell of man - the aura, which is fixed by extrasensors.

Hence the converse also follows. By external harmful information (electro-magnetic, sound, chemical, see above), you can destroy the harmonious internal organization of man. At the same time, harmful information will be information that does not harmonize with the established organization of the system of associated microvortexes ether, which is the character of the personality. Then even a gifted (developed) person becomes unstable - defenseless. It can be easily defeated - destroyed irretrievably. Accordingly, the less developed a person, the less mutual ordering of local magnetic fields, the easier it is to defeat such a person.

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