Universality of the Theory

Northern Lights - the solution to its secrets and the secrets of the Earth’s magnetic poles

Till now the Northern Lights and magnetic-poles of Earth store variety of secrets. Here these secrets. 

Why the Northern Lights can look like beams, strips, a corona, curtains? After all the solar wind, which the modern science considers as the parent of the Lights, has no such shapes! 

It is not known, why the Lights can dance, as tongues of flame. After all intensity of a solar wind does not change with such frequency and in such rhythm! 

Why in the field of an arctic pole the Lights are very frequent, but at southern  is more rare? After all  it is indifferent to a solar wind where to ionise an aerosphere! 

Why the Lights suddenly appears and also suddenly disappears? After all intensity of a solar wind builds up not abruptly, but smoothly enough! 

Why directions of the drawn out shapes of Lights do not coincide with the direction of a stream of a solar wind and why Lights are drawn down close to a vertical? 

Why the Lights are more often observed in frosty nights? After all the low temperature at a surface of Earth changes nothing for a solar wind. 

Why the sounds, appearing simultaneously with origination of Lights, are audible at the altitude of several tensmetres from a surface of Earth? After all the Lights originates at the altitude 100 - 150 kilometres. 

Why the straight line, pairing Northern and Southern poles of Earth, does not intercross centre of Earth? After all, according to the modern science, the magnetic dipole in a kern of Earth should be symmetrical concerning centre of Earth? 

Why Northern and Southern magnetic-poles wander on a surface of Earth? 

The Unified Theory of Nature managed to unravel these secrets on the basis of a single approach.

It is believed that the cause of the Northern Lights  is the solar wind. Obviously, agency of a solar wind on the Lights exists, however its role in origination of Lights not main, but only promoting (for the account of rise of general ionisation of an aerosphere). The leading role, as ascertained by the Unified Theory, plays the natural magnetic field of Earth. 

So, in Earth the ether microvortexes pump forms cylindrical microvortexes (spirals) of an ether. Then the diameter of such spiral will be equal to an interior size of an ether microvortex torus. Accordingly, the velocity of gyration and of translation of the originated cylindrical microvortex will be equal to the velocity of longitudinal and  cross motion of ether in the formed it the torus microvortex. From the Unified Theory follows that this velocity rather major (How the neutron star  was formed see). 

From the Unified Theory of Nature follows that as soon as these cylindrical microvortexes originate, here at once originate  dissimilarities of the parent ether. Then this dissimilarity starts to be levelled by flowing of the parent ether in the formed cylindrical. Thus in process of origination of the cylindrical microvortexes they become at once the steady structures. Existence of these microvortexes, as well as the torus microvortexes ("How the neutron star was formed" see), is supported for the account of flowing  in them of the parent ether, that is their harmonious inscribing in the parent ether.  

In the Unified Theory it is erected (Coexistence of vortexes see) the planes polarised by gyration of Earth of torus microvortexes coincide with the plane of gyration of Earth. Besides, the plane of each such torus is orthogonal to the cylindrical microvortex, formed by it. Then the specified cylindrical microvortexes, formed in the Earth, will stream behind its limits vertically in the field of geographical poles of Earth. From the Unified Theory follows (Formation of planets see) that here their stream will be is squeezed by a gravitating parent ether, affluenting in Earth from all its sides.  It leads to magnetic-pole formation ("Magnetic field of Earth" see). 

According to the Unified Theory there is a dissimilarity on periphery of such vertical condensed stream of spiral microvortexes ("Dissimilarities" see above). Then the density of the ether from sides of the squeezed stream will be various. As a result all stream will continuously move in the plot towards smaller density of the ether in the field of a geographical pole. 

From the essence of mass, erected by the Unified Theory of Nature (Microwortexes - the essence of mass see), it is followed the mass and sizes of the specified stream, in comparison with an individual cylindrical microvortex, are considerable. Therefore at a small difference of the specified densities this travel will occur rather slowly, at a major promptly. As a result the magnetic-pole will move about the geographical pole of Earth. As origination of the specified dissimilarities  is not determined, then they are stochastic. Then the mentioned travel also stochastic - a magnetic-pole moves in a random way - wanders. From this it follows  the straight line, pairing Northern and Southern magnetic-poles, practically will never transit through the centre of Earth. 

As the specified stream has the considerable sizes in the plot (see above), then the difference of the specified densities can be rather considerable. In this case the walk of a magnetic-pole of Earth can attain rather great values. 

From the stated follows that while the cylindrical microvortexes of ether are propelled in Earth, they are parted by the polarised torus microvortexes (forming the specified microvortx  pump, see above). After an exit of the cylindrical microvortexes from a solid body on an arctic pole of Earth these boundaries disappear. Analogously they are not parted and before an inlet to Earth on an antarctic pole. 

Then everyone such thin with steady cylindrical shape the ether spiral becomes labile on an arcuation. Therefore she starts to rush about in a random way in sides. As a result the cylindrical ether microvortexes will be collided by lateral surfaces from time to time. On an arctic pole these collisions will be are redoubled with Gravity (see above), which acts towards to a rising cylindrical ether microvortex. From this it follows that collisions here will originate more often. 

By the Unified Theory it is erected that at collision of two equal torus microvortexes they, being repelled (Pushing away of charges see), keep away from each other. In turn above it is revealed that for any pair of the featured colliding cylindrical microvortexes is not present  possibilities of such cross distance (see overhead about magnetic-pole formation). Therefore the cylindrical microvortexes appear the drive into each other  by  their lateral surfaces. As a result there are requirements for transformation of the contacting microvortexes. The following mechanism of their transformation ("Coexistence of vortexes" see above) streams from the Unified Theory. This transformation occurs by an overflowing of ether from one microvortex in another. At the moment of such overflowing there is an unwinding of one of the cylindrical microvortexes by its transition in the next cylindrical vortex, which increments the diameter by that. Because of magnification of the mass («Microvortexes - the essence of mass» see above) the new microvortex will retard velocity of fluxion of ether. It means decrease of velocity of its gyration. Therefore further the next small microvortxes will be unreeled on the originated increased microvortex ("Coexistence of vortexes" see above).  

The originated vortex because of greater its diameter gains major stability on an arcuation. It leads to ability of its uprise on major altitude. With altitude magnification of the specified cylindrical microvortex the quantity of the thin microvortexes, unreeled on it, will be increased. Therefore at certain altitude the traversal size of the originated microvortex becomes comparable with a diameter of atoms and molecules of aerosphere. It leads to that its circumrotatory moment gains ability to be transmitted to outermost orbits of atoms, raising their excitation. The electrons of the outermost orbits start to transfer to lower level - electro-magnetic waves (Formation of the electromagnetic waves see) are radiated. The aerosphere starts to be shone - beginning the specified altitude and above, there is the Polar Lights

The further uprise of the increased cylindrical microvortex of ether leads to gradual decrease of its velocity of gyration (see above). As a result, its ability to an aerosphere electrization decreases. As the specified process of decreasing of ability proceeds gradually with magnification of altitude of its uprise, then the electrization upper bound will be spread. 

As soon as formation process of a greater cylindrical microvortex has begun, the vortex starts to move over a surface of Earth parallelly to itself. It (see above) originates from smaller velocity of a motion of ether in the greater microvortex, than in the next smaller. Smaller velocity of ether on all length of the greater vortex leads to greater pressure of ether, than on the next smaller with greater linear velocity of a motion of ether. As a result ether will overflow from the smaller vortex with major pressure, on the parallel it the greater vortex with smaller pressure.  

It is obvious the specified smaller vortex will place relatively of the greater casually. Then the greater vortex, calling light emission, will move towards of the parallel it smaller in a random way and parallelly to itself. As a result the increased microvortex – a shone beam will retrace cylindrical figures of the casual shape in an aerosphere: beams, strips, a corona, curtains. 

As the Polar Lights origination is preceded by the random processes, specified above, the Polar Lights will suddenly appear and also suddenly to disappear. 

The upper bound of such light emission because of the specified accident of connection of the smaller microvortexes to the major will change also the unpredictable fashion - the Polar Lights will dance on altitude. 

Because of more frequent collisions of the cylindrical microvortexes on an arctic pole (look above) the Northern Lights will be more frequent, than the austral. Besides, as the cylindrical ether microvortexes on northern pole get out Earth, but on the southern enter, then the austral  Lights will have other differences also. 

It is known that at lower temperatures of air the atmospheric pressure is raised. Air density will be more accordingly. Then it will lead to the following. It is specified above, that a gravitating parent ether drive into each other of cylindrical microvortexes consistenter in the field of both geographical poles. Then it will lead to their more frequent collisions and accordingly, to their more frequent integratings (see above) and accordingly, to more frequent originations of the Polar Lights. 

Because of vertical position of the cylindrical microvortexes of ether at their outflowing from Earth (see above) the orientation of the drawn out Polar Lights will be close to the vertical. 

It is above erected, that cylindrical microvortexes of ether are pushed out Earth with a great speed and rush about here and there by that. Then there will be acoustic waves at their vibrational collisions with an elastic aerospherein the field of their exit from Earth. 

Thus, the secrets of Northern Lights and magnetic-poles of Earth have solved by the Unified Theory of Nature. 

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