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What is Life and reproduction of life - Unified Theory of Nature answers

Anybody has not solved till now secret of Life. Its content is reflected in E.Shredinger's expression: «I do not know, whence I have come, where I go and even - who is I». 

Till now it is not known - how the man has occurbed, how he is settled and what will be with he through a long time. The solution of these secrets has huge meaning for mankind. Answers to these problems would allow mankind to learn much. Are there somewhere in Universe live beings? Are they the similar to us? Or they are monsters, as it figure in films about interstellar wars? For what to be plotted our descendants? 

Close examination of the specified great secrets has led the author to discovery of the trajectory of their solution. The solution is impossible without search of answers to the fundamental problems. The first and main from them - what is Life? The second - how there was a reproduction of life (in existing concept "Life") beings? The third - how there were the most complicated and absolute on functionality systems and organs of live beings? 

What is life. The study of the definition of the life yielded by V.I.Vernadsky [39] taken over in a science, has led me to the deduction, which has surprised me. This definition is insufficiently the common. V.I.Vernadsky's concept has no unity with the more common real - Nature. Really therefore there are the secrets formulated by E.Shredinger? 

Painful reflexions have led the author to new concept "Life". This concept is not the narrow its biological definition, but the universal - philosophical. This definition is erected by the author of the present site and featured in the article "Space" (Spase and Life see).  

                                                                     Life is stability


The mechanism of reproduction of objects of  Nature. The answer to this problem can be gained from the Unified Theory of Nature (Existing theories of everything does not give the answer). The reproduction bottom is hidden in main attribute of Life - stabilities ("Spase and life" see) and the derivatives, streaming from the essence of Life, attributes. Here they. Origin and existence of vortexes and microvortexes of ether (Formation of vortexes see). The discovered Laws of Existence of Universe (Dependence of microvortexes see). Mechanisms of origin of the kernel, the chemical and other views of connections (Why the nuclear interaction is the strong, Тhe chemical bond is not the fundamental and Fundamental forces see). The mechanism of a birth of mass (What is the gravitational mass see). 

Remarkable consequences stream from these discovered and featured in Unified Theory of attributes of Life. So, the everyone existing, i.e. the living (in new sense of this word) the material object in process of substance accumulation steadily reduces a reserve of the interior stability. It leads it to that it essentially changes the properties, coming nearer to the neutral on stability object. It gains the interior mobility and becomes the vibrational. Then in such object inevitably ([27] see below) there are auto-oscillations. At reaching of the certain mass such material vibrating system becomes labile. Connections (Secret of durability of a solid body see) are torn in the object - the object starts to destroy - to be divided. 

At once at the origin of the first two new parts of the object these parts appear the steady - the viable. It is caused that the smaller (in comparison with the initial) mass of each of them, as a result the further fracture of object is stopped. The subsequent inevitable ("Dependence of microvortexes" and "What is the gravitational mass" see above) the magnification of mass of these new two parts leads to recurring of the featured process of division of each of them. 

Thus, the surprising decision is received: the division - the reproduction is the natural property of all existing objects of Nature. The unique brake of this process of division, obviously, will be only the velocity of increase of mass of an object ("What is the gravitational mass" see above). 

In connection with the featured, the interesting entertainment is remembered me from my hungry post-war childhood. Before me and my brothers mum put a bowl of a Russian cabbage soup. In it completely there not were the such riches as meat, but the rare individual droplets of fat sometimes floated. It was the most main thing for us. Each of brothers tried to join these droplets in one major drop and to tow in it to itself. The magnification of a drop at us was gained to its certain size. As soon as the drop reached this size, it started tolose the roundish (now I understand - the unstedy) shape and at connection to it of other droplets it was divided on two smaller round at its slightest driving. At the further affixion of small droplets to each of these two drops there was to them that has happened to the first. 

Origin of a man. The one more, in comparison with the division, the acquisition path of the greatest stabilities of the material objects of Nature is the join of objects. At the join of the steady objects there can arise the major from them, but the steady (viable, "Spase and Life" see above) structures ([27] see above). Therefore in the division of object featured above further there can be the steady integratings of the arisen new objects. By that the system of incorporated objects necessarily becomes the complicated, but becomes more viable. It, having gained the action of unfavorable factors, each time is recovered for the account of the stability (Self-equalization see). The organised system becomes the self-acting system which the amount, on the same warrant, can grow further. The system becomes the complicated organism. 

Gradually the parts of this self-acting system become complicated also by the same path on the basis of a survival of the steady objects. The parts, which have testedtest on itself the exterior adverse effects by the firstbecome the sensor controls. These are the data units of the complicated steady organised self-acting system. The data units of the external actions: light, a sound, mechanical action, heat. Here the path is discovered: how our delightful organs of vision, hearing were generated

The featured division of the material objects of Nature together with the featured join is the mysterious reproduction of live beings. Certainly, this path of a modification of objects of Nature is the very long-term. The detailed exposition of this trajectory also will be extremely long-term, but it is not necessary.

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