Universality of the Theory

Ether-vortex nature of a nuclear explosion

A nuclear explosion allows a huge amount of energy to be released from a material body. The Unified Theory allows us to reveal the deep Nature of obtaining this mysteriously large amount of it. So, in the Unified Theory it is established that the body is a system of interconnected ethereal microvortices (see Ether-vortex nature of chemical bond). The atomic nucleus, in turn, is a cluster (see Nuclear Interaction and the Unified Theory), which is formed due to the mutual linking of ether microvortices: protons and neutrons. Moreover, each microvortex is an etheric torus rotating at an enormous speed (see How a neutron star has been organized - new). Then, in the mutually linked state of the microvortices, their cluster will be a compact coupled set of high-speed rotational motions of dense ether jets. The rupture of such a cluster — a nuclear explosion — will lead to the unwinding of its microvortices and the transformation of each of the local compact ultrahigh-speed rotational motions into a linear wave motion at the speed of light (see about unwinding a single microvortex in Neutrino is not a particle). The integration of these compact linear micromotion in the cluster leads to a diverging single shock wave, crushing everything in its path.

Thus, the deep Nature of the release of a mysteriously large amount of energy in a nuclear explosion is revealed.

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