Universality of the Theory

Pulsar radiation is explained in a simpler way

The existing explanation for the pulsar radiation contains inconclusive justifications and contradictions (What is a pulsar - a mystery see). However, the Unified Theory of Nature (The Concepts of the Unified Theory see) allows you to penetrate into the deep essence of the pulsar and its radiation, as well as explain its external manifestations simply and consistently.

The Unified Theory established that a neutron star was formed as a result of an explosion on its surface (How a neutron star has been organized see). At the same time, due to the fundamental property of the Material Space - its dissimilarity (World is distinguished see), the explosion does not take place simultaneously on the surface of the meso-vortex of the ether - the future neutron star. Accordingly, the non-axisymmetric impact of the explosion was applied to the surface of the star during the explosion. As a result, the axis of rotation of the formed neutron star - the condensed vortex ether - received a precession that coincides in phase with the star's own super-high-speed rotation. But since the axis of rotation is the axis of the magnetic field of the star (Formation of Stars and Galaxies see), the described high-frequency precession was obtained by the axis of the magnetic field of the star.

Since outside the star, when the maternal ether flows towards it, the ether microvortices are unwound, electromagnetic waves of various ranges appear outside ("How a neutron star has been organized" see). Then, due to the arisen high-speed flow of ether - magnetic field, these waves are carried by the ether from the periphery of the star inside it into the hole in the torus mesovortex (star), compressing into a narrow beam. Wherein, due to the same angular velocity of rotation of the star, the linear motion of its inner layers is much slower. Therefore, at the exit from the inner region of the star, the flow velocity of the transit ether also decreases significantly. This allows electromagnetic waves with speed C to leave this transit ether and move in Space from the star in the direction of its magnetic axis. Pulsar radiation  appears. This is the electromagnetic beam that, due to the arising precession of the magnetic axis, either enters the field of view of the observer, then disappears.
Thus, the explanation of the  pulsar radiation is much simpler than the accepted one, and the magnetic axis of the pulsar and the axis of its rotation are not separated, as it is believed, and the electromagnetic beam is directed not in two directions, as is customary, but only in one.
Pulsar view according to the Unified Theory of Nature 


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