Universality of the Theory

Space probe acceleration anomalies

When accelerating space probes: Galileo, NEAR, "Rosetta", "Cassini" used a method called "Gravitational maneuver".  In this method, the gravity of the planets of the solar system was used to accelerate the apparatus. The method was successfully applied, however, unexpectedly, the speed of these vehicles turned out to be higher than the calculated one. It was pleasant, but a riddle appeared - "Why did this happen?" Even more exacerbated by the enigma that subsequent launches of spacecraft did not receive such an excess of acceleration. The experiment involuntarily and unpleasantly led to the conclusion that, perhaps, the existing interpretation of the essence of Gravity is not correct enough.

According to the modern theory of Gravity, it is caused by a mysterious gravitational field. This field is endowed by theorists with a number of mathematical properties, which are manifested as Gravity in physical Space. Since the above riddle has not been solved, we will use the Unified Theory of Nature, which allowed its author to solve a very large number of modern mysteries of Nature (Universality of the Theory see).

So it is established that Gravity is not caused by a mysterious mathematical field. It is created by the filtration of the maternal ether through material objects (What is Gravitation see). Accordingly, the mother ether around the cosmic body is formed in the form of a vortex (Formation of stars and galaxies, Planets are formed during explosions of stars, see). This vortex can have pronounced "sleeves", which are visually clearly visible in galactic vortices due to the formation of stars in them (Types of galaxies, Stars in Galaxies see ).

In the ether vortex around a planet, these irregularities in the density and velocity of the flow of the mother ether are not noticeable. However, this irregularity exists in accordance with the Unified Theory of Nature. Therefore, when the body enters a denser zone of the ether vortex, the body is accelerated more strongly. This is the reason why there were no repetitions of these accelerations during subsequent launches of spacecrafts. There were no accelerations, as these devices fell into the zone between the ether  " sleeves ". Obviously, to increase the efficiency of the Gravitational maneuver, one should know the shape of the ether vortex near the space object (star, planet). In addition, it is necessary to use not the mathematical concept of Gravity, but its deep essence established in the Unified Theory of Nature. These tasks can be successfully solved using the Concepts of the Unified Theory of Nature (Unified Theory and spase ether see).

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