Universality of the Theory

Why Space of the Universe is either quadratic or exponential

In the up-to-date science it is considered that in the macroCosm World Space is the four-regularity and in a microCosm the quantity of the measurings is even more increased. It explain by that in the macroCosm the interaction is changed depending on the distance quadrate, and in the microCosm – exponentially. Here, following the expression of F. Gauss that mathematics is the queen of sciences, it should be noted its cruelty - the detrimental effect of mathematics on physics (Paul Devies's guess see also). 

So, cardinal questions arise.  How does the real Space "jump" from one number of coordinates to another their number ??? What is this Material Space that jumps like a rabbit through the forest from one measurement system to another! Where does this transformation of quantity of measurements occur? No one tries to answer such questions. Nobody even tries to answer these questions. 

From the Unified Тheory of Nature follows that the microCosm – the World of microvortexes. But in a vortex there is a curling of fluxion of ether (Vortex formation  see).  The compaction of the filtrating ether, i.e. creating the Gravitation, grows in this field (Essence of Gravity see). The direction of its fluxion (i.e. the gravity direction) also deviates from the rectilinear. From here there is the exponential law of the force ("the interaction") from the direct distance. Recall the analogy with a semi-logarithmic scale or with conformal transformation.  

This curling and the compaction also are available in macroCosm ("Vortex formation"  see above), but a person is so the small and so the powerless that is not capable to gain the information in the field of the essential (for mankind) curling and of the compaction of the filtrating ether: near to a kern of a galaxy, of a star. In order to feel exponentiality here, a person needs to be close to the core of a macrovortex (galaxy), a mesovortex (star). Nevertheless, the fact, mysterious for modern science, has recently been discovered, which, in accordance with the Unified Theory of Nature, confirms that exponentiality also exists in the macroWorld (Gravity and planet see).  

Thus, the Unified Тheory of Nature explains the cause of the local, so-called, «the nonsquare-low» of Space  without the treatment to the very complicated (so, the unconvincing) mathematical constructions.  


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