Universality of the Theory

Unified Theory of Nature is a radically new thing in science

The Unified Theory of Nature was first developed. The Theory has a cardinal novelty (Worcing out of the Unified Theory and Universality of the Theory see). So, it has been established that Time is a false coordinate of movement. The Universe is not the result of the Big Bang. The maximum pressure does not appear in the center of the Earth. An electron can be repelled by a positron. Gravity is not maximum in the Black Hole, but equal to zero. The Principle of E. Mach is not the principle of Inertia. Irregular galaxies are not the first phase of galaxy formation. Material objects can instantly disappear, remaining in three-dimensional Space. The pressure of light does not exist. The previously unknown nature of ball lightning and a tornado is disclosed. 

The reason for the attraction of magnets is not a mysterious magnetic field, but Gravitation, and repulsion - Inertia. Strong nuclear interaction is not an attraction. The speed of light is not constant. 

Known fundamental interactions are not mutual. The previously unknown nature of protons and neutrons is disclosed

The unknown nature of the electric charge is disclosed. It has been found that neutrinos are not particles. The electric and magnetic fields are not related to the electromagnetic field. The atomic nucleus does not contain hypothetical quarks.

Сause of chemical bond is GravityGravity in the Universe is not everywhere. Red Shift does not speak about Universe expansion. The "elemental" particles are not an elemental. The riddle of aspiration of potential energy to a minimum first is solved. "UFO" and the soaring over earth «Coffin of Magomet» - are not myths. The expression «Went on the sea as on overland» first got the real physical basis.  

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