Universality of the Theory

Gravitational field does not exist

The essence of Gravity has been sought for a very long time. Knowing the deep essence of Gravity, one can create space anti-gravity apparatus, control the generation and movement of a tornado, carry out proactive compensatory unloading of an erupting volcano, quickly extinguish dangerous forest fires, complete an plane crash by smooth landing, create completely new engines and generators (The guidance of Gravity on Earth see). However, in their search, thinkers have always studied the inner space between the bodies. Recently, this space has been given the name - Gravitational Field. Anti-gravity tools are trying to develop for the specified inner Space. Unfortunately, this mistake was made by the most revered great Isaac Newton. He designated Gravity as the desire of the bodies for each other - attraction. 

From the essence of Gravity established by the Unified Theory of Nature, it follows that the modern concept of Gravity is a fundamental error. Gravitational field does not exist. Over the long time this erroneous concept has existed, mankind has spent tremendous efforts and resources on useless searches for anti-gravity tools, including the creation of spacecraft. 

The Unified Theory of Nature has discovered that an anti-gravity device should not be located between two bodies, but outside two bodies. In addition, she found that device should be located outside the small body. 

This corollary stems from the essence of Gravity (Gravity is not attraction see) and is the first necessary condition for the development of engineering antigravity devices. 

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