Universality of the Theory

Universality, wave dualism and a paradox of the planet

Native Nature


The principles of Unified Theory of Nature is stated above on the philosophical basis (see: Physics and Philosophy for the first time. In connection with presence of the interior and the exterior physical closure the theory is full. The author was aimed, that the theory had no the interior contradictions and leant against the established facts.The universality of the Theory is given by its bottom, which are two fundamental standings (about Space and about Substance): 1) World Space in its various points unequal, it is boundless and the motions of its substance have only three measurings (see: Unified Theory); 2) World Space is filled by the ether which exists in two shapes: the maternal (see: Mysterious ether) and the vortex (see: Stars and galaxies). The maternal ether is the ultrararefied differential on density continuous wolumevibrating visco-elastic material medium, at the oscillational equalization of the local densities of which are formed the forward and the vortex motions.

Let's give the concrete instances of universality of the Unified Theory of Nature in  the various facts, the natural phenomena and the properties of Material World (Spacecraft annihilation, Special Theory of  RelativityMagnetic field of Sun and Unified Theory , Magnetic field of Moon ... see).

We shell compare efficiency  and  universality of the Unified Theory to the efficiency and the universality of  Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and known unified field theories.

3.1. Universality of the Theory on the instance of wave dualism. Wave dualism, forcedly entered into the modern physics, is grounded on the various experience, including T.Jung's experience on  interference of light, proceeding through two slots. Quantum physics could not explain the passage of one quantum of light at once through both slots. It namely is the parent of the wave dualism in the physicist.



Unified Theory has discovered the true cause of the indicated interference so, the wave dualism parent. On Unified Theory ether, being in microoscillations, represents the both a wave and a particle (not in the usual sense, "Mysterious ether" see above), but the light wave is the squeezed zone of ether (see: Deep essence of the electromagnetic wave), fluctuating longitudinally - across. Then the  wave, having transited through the two slots, further forms the interference figure.

The interference of flow of electrons (see: The mysterious charge reveals a secret of the magnetic field), which have transited through two holes, speaks as follows. The electron (the ether vortex) transits through one hole, the second vortex – through the other hole. And both of them move by the continuous flow of ether, which flows both through the holes and through the screen, binding the two vortexes together and leading to the interference, visible on the screen (see: Secrets of a particle and a wave).

3.2. Universal Gravitation and planet ОGLE-ТВ 56 b. Found out by American astronomer D.Sasselov  the planet OGLE - TV 56 b has greater size, than Jupiter, but is more than in 14 times closer to its star, than small Mercury to Sun. The velocity, from which it moves, contradicts to the up-to-date theory of Gravitation, because the gravitational interaction of the star and the planet should lead this planet to its fall on the star.

However according to the Unified Theory, the planet does not fall, because concerning this star it is not in the radially oriented to the star "gravitational field" (see: Gravitation is not attraction), but – in the vortex ether flow ("Stars and galaxies", see above), close to the tangential of the star surface, fig. 19 see). 



Fig. 19. Universal Gravitation and paradox of the planet OGLE - TV 56 b.

a – the diversion of the gravitational force from normal line; δ - the change of shape of the trajectory of ether flow at approach to the star; 1 - the star; 2 - the planet; Nг – the direction of Gravity on the planet; Nн – the normal line to the star. 

As to Moon, obviously, it is in the vortex, the greater (concerning the surface of Earth)  curvature. Therefore it’s gravitational shade in ether flow is transmitted in the direction, close to the radius of Earth (fig. 20).   

Fig. 20. The "interaction" of Earth and Moon. 1 – Earth; 2 – Moon; 3 – the direction of motion of Moon;

4 – the direction of ether flow; 5 – the gravitational shade.


Thus, the known paradox of planet OGLE - TB 56 b - not  a paradox, but the  harmonic coexistence of the planet and its star, that follows from the Unified Theory. Any of the theories, pretending to the name "Unified Fild Theory", cannot brag of such effect. 

 In the subsequent papers we will prolong examples of universality of the Unified Theory.




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